Flying High With Raggity-Anne - A PowerHouseCreatives Contest

in powerhousecreatives •  7 months ago  (edited)
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This is a sweet story! Loved it! The part where she came back with her little ones was especially charming! 😊

Well adapted to living with humans in the suburbs.

What a lovely story!

Based on truth, boys names changed for obvious reasons


Joan, great story ... it brought back memories from my own childhood. I've submitted my entry as well. I love the subject matter and hope we get lots of entries.


Never having written a short story for children, one definitely has to put it into perspective. I will be going to visit entries soon Quill.

You certainly know how to put a touching story together Lady Joan.
This one is going to be hard to beat.
Best of luck in the contest.

Going back down memory lane thirty years ago, then trying to write it down, taking age into consideration, all a first for me.

Yes she was an extraordinary little bird, with me having some (flat warts) mussy on the neck she would peck, you knew she was around with stinging reminders perched on the shoulder whilst cooking.

Very good, a fine children's story

Thanks @wales look forward to reading your story.

Great story Joan @joanstewart. Love a happy ending. 😊

A bird not put in a cage, is a happy bird indeed @redheadpei.

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What a lovely surprise @trufflepig I am honoured with your visit.

You brought a tear to my eye with that delightful ending! What a perfectly sweet story for #featheredfriday!

Birds play such a big part in our lives Melinda thank you for visiting and comment.

They sure do play a part in my life!

A great short story I really enjoyed reading

Not something I have done before, found it interesting to try.

You did greta and should do more ;)

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I love birds and stories about them. Well done.
I was intrigued by the stories told yesterday in a bird show showing off the hunting prowess of various eagles and other raptors. the audience laughed at the antics of some of the birds and I learned a great deal from the two Falconers.

I have never been to a bird show I believe there are some places up in the Drakensberg where they rehabilitate birds to go back into the wild. Sadly some never make it back to total freedom but are well cared for @justjoy.

That was a beautiful story @joanstewart and beautifully written!! I loved that you added the gifs in the spots that you did as well!! 💖

Thanks for enjoying and sharing your thoughts @deerjay

You are welcome @joanstewart!!

That was absoulutely beautyfull 😍🙏

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Very special little birds in life @thereikiforest thanks for visiting.


Namaste, JaiChai

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