STEEM SOUTH AFRICA - My application for representation.

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Most of you are probably already aware of the Steem Outreach Program - the brainchild of @pennsif. It is an initiative that I more than willing to bend over backwards for and get behind - because, hey - if we aren't prepared to go the extra mile for the Steem network then what the heck are we doing here in the first place right?!

Like with most of us in other spheres of our lives, the unfamiliar can be daunting and often avoided simply for fear of it. This outreach is aimed at changing that and I would very much like to be a part of that change - so this is my application to be the representative for South Africa in the Steem Outreach Program.


As with any well organised initiative - there is a process and requirement - understandably so. @pennsif published the requirements as well as what should be divulged in the application in this post here so here goes ;)


why you would like to become a Steem Leader

Is this a trick question? - Just kidding! :) In all honesty I already do consider myself a Steem leader of sorts, but to answer the question - I believe that Steem can turn this world on it's head! I believe that we, as a community have what it takes to transform the "everyday lives" of all "us, you and them" into something far more spectacular than is the reality right now.

Not only does this place and space connect us with so many amazing people from all corners of the globe, but it holds the key which opens the door to the future of social media! Those that cannot see the limitless potential of this network are simply blind! Well, I do - and I want to be a part of it, every step of the way, and I think my behaviour to date is already representative of such.


what skills and experience you would be able to bring to the role

I have been self-employed from the age of 20. I am a graphic designer by trade - and have had a few business ventures, but ended up running a very successful design, print and marketing business in Cape Town, South Africa for 11 years. I have conceptualized, compiled, designed, edited, published and promoted (and even hand delivered) several magazine publications - single handed. This experience, coupled with my passion for social media (yes - I am a junkie of the worst kind lol) definitely means I have something to bring to the table. I know the in's and out's of social media, I know how to read people well, I know how to promote things effectively as well as aesthetically and I have no shortage of organizational skills - in fact my PHC community would probably contest that I have too many because I am always annoying them with "do this or do that" lol. At the end of the day, I am incredibly passionate about harnessing enthusiasm and passion from people - sometimes you have to give a few pushes and nudges to get it out of them, but once they experience it - the "hype" is almost impossible to ignore! :)


a brief summary of your 'Steem career' to date - when you started, what you have achieved on the platform, what projects and communities you have been involved in

Dang - it seems forever ago already haha :) I hopped onto this platform in June 2017 compliments of my elder brother who is an "anything crypto" junkie. I found my feet and got to know a few peeps, but then the entrepreneur in me took over lol. I wanted to create a space where like minded people could connect and share - so I started what was then the @steemitbloggers and is now known as the Power House Creatives. We are a community which has a solid reputation for not only producing some of the greatest content on the Steem network, but most of our members are also the initiators of some of Steems best loved contests and initiatives, which you can check out here.

Although a small initiative, I have been ploughing away at growing a curation initiative - namely @theluvbug. I scout about daily for great content to support and have been doing so on this account since March 2018.

The change in our community name from Steemit Bloggers to Powerhouse Creatives was brought about because I realise that you need to be ever-adapting. I also know that having a presence on commercial social media is equally important for the promotion of Steem. So in our discord server, we engage on literally EVERY SINGLE platform so we can all support and promote our Steem content everywhere! This may not be necessary forever, but it is right now!

I definitely consider myself one of the "louder" voices for Steem on general social media. I am consistently active in promoting the platform and it's people in whatever and whichever ways I can - and I will continue to do so, regardless.


one example of a promotional activity you would like to run in your local area to recruit people to Steem, and what resources you would need.

aaaah.... This is South Africa and it would without question be a party WITH a BRAAI! This is a fantastic way to break ice and get the good vibes going! - It would also not have a very high cost as we have a thing called "bring and braai" here in SA, so everyone pretty much caters for themselves. I am also blessed to have one of SA's best events DJ's as my partner - so that is one resource I would not need - the rest of the detail can be discussed and finalised closer to the time. Trying to guesstimate something like that would simply be pissing in the wind. - The serious stuff can come AFTER the initial meet and greet, when people have had a chance to meet, get to know one another, socialise, chat, engage, share opinions and have fun. The next meet can be a more formal one - but that "bridge of connect" would already be in place - pretty much guaranteeing a more successful formal meet.

I am also quite happy to launch and manage a "Steem South Africa" discord server - a place where we can all gather and connect. From this space, we can scout and find suitable people across the country to host and run smaller regional meet ups and gatherings etc.


I would like to believe that my passion for this platform over the last two years would be representation enough of my ability to take on such a role, and I hope that this application lays a little more weight upon that :) I am in Cape Town - the Mother City - and I would be THRILLED to represent South Africa!

Looking forward to the feedback!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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@jaynie, you would make a great representative for Steem anywhere on the planet.

I read the @pennsif post and think you would be perfect for this role. First, it's lots of work and we all know you thrive on that stuff. Throw in some travel, food, and engagement and it's @jaynie to a T.

hahaha you reckon hey @owasco ;)

This would be a fabulous opportunity for you @jaynie and you would be perfect for the position. Good luck! 🤞

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Thanks hon!!! :)

Good luck but to be honest, they might as well give you the role now 🙂

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hahaha thanks @nickyhavey xxx Appreciate the vote of confidence :)

You've convinced me that you can do this.

good thing that ;) Thanks @abitcoinskeptic

Awesome, I can’t think of anyone that be a better fit for that area. As you already are onboarding people and put a lot effort into brining outside traffic to content.

Thanks for highlighting that @enjar :)

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I don't know where they would come up with a more perfect candidate!

Thank you @blueeyes8960 xxx

This would be perfect for you! Rather, you'd be perfect for them. Those of us in PHC already know what you can do; it's be brilliant to get that energy over a wider area!

Thanks @wwwiebe - appreciate your support x

All the best @jaynie

Thanks hon.

I'm all for this! Why? Because Jaynie is a born leader, with plenty of experience building communities and building people. She is a great influence to many.

Thank you daaaarling! xoxoxo


@jaynie, right, this looks good enough to me and you would be the ideal person to run this.

Thanks @papilloncharity :)


You have my support. And if you need a backroom girl to help with the coordination, you have her.

oh you know it! hahahaha!!! If I do this I will be roping in all of you locals hahaha!!!

And you know about my conference organising experience.... lol

Yes, which I plan to use and abuse hahahahahaha!!!! ;)


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Would you be a steem leader ? I thought you already were just now it’s official for the rest of the world

hahaha thanks honey! LOVE YOU!

With your drive and organizational skills, you would be perfect for the role, Jaynie.

Yes, what everyone else said. 😂 💯

Thank you for your excellent application @jaynie.

And it was great to chat with you just now in the Rambling Discord.

Who else if it is not you, @jaynie? You are the perfect candidate. More will be in your hands but I will you are at it! =)

Congrats @jaynie driving Steem into the future, an excellent application.