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“You can’t know this right now, but… your ragged, rugged honesty… your crazy, passionate, naked vulnerability… your trusting plunge into the unknown of Life at every turn… your journey of love and healing… these change your world, the world of those around you and the world as a whole. Someday you’ll know how important you are.” - Jacob Nordby

One VERY powerful word - that infiltrates practically every single facet of our lives - One VERY powerful word that we simply cannot live without - passion! There is passion in business, passion in relationships, passion in sports, passion in expression, passion in intimacy and ecstasy, passion in living and life – the list is endless. Passion is the breath of life. It is an emotion which can swing us to heights of complete and utter elation and in the same breathe, throw us into the deepest darkest corners of despair and desperation.

On the up-swing, passion is probably the most invigorating emotion to experience. It fills you with relentless desire and seemingly impenetrable enthusiasm, but on the down swing, it can lead us into rather volatile and explosive emotional situations.

I consider myself an exceptionally passionate individual and whilst having this attribute in vast volumes has had huge advantages in many facets of my life, it is also something that I have really struggled with along the way. Being naturally passionate by nature generally goes hand in hand with being largely expressive, which in essence means that you mostly have an inability to shut your trap about anything that you feel strongly about. Lol. And as most who live with this dilemma will know, it will often land us in hot water.

For myself, this is because I am not just “generically passionate” about one thing in my life. I am passionate about ALL things, all emotions and all circumstance that resonate with me. When I am happy, I want to celebrate and embrace that happiness – I am passionate about that moment of happiness. It comes with a desire to share it, shout it and live it to its fullest. And likewise when I am sad, I am passionately sad. I will engage in the same levels of emotional severity - experiencing that emotion fully.

This demonstrative kind of behaviour is active in every area of my life. The challenge however, enters when it comes to the vocally expressive arena of being passionate. Often, little time is afforded to thought as the action is fueled and driven solely by emotion – which brings hasty reactions or outbursts because I feel particularly strongly about whatever “it” is.

As much as these moments of unfiltered passionate verbal expression can be wonderfully accepted by the recipient they are delivered to, especially when they are demonstrations of affection or love, but on the other side of the coin, they can be equally disastrous when the expression comes from a place of passionate hurt, frustration, insecurity or anger and these emotional outbursts are often accompanied by irrational action which is almost always followed by regret at the end of the day.

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I am a far cry from perfect, and I have truckloads of issues. I have endured more heartache in my life than I even care to divulge and as much as I believe I have on certain levels become a stronger person for it – I cannot sit here and say that I do not wear the scars of many of those wounds and this fact, I suppose adds to the lack of restraint, excessive passion and knee jerk reactions in certain situations. I may be a very difficult individual to “handle” at times, because of all my emotional baggage – but I have never let it stop me from continually TRYING to at least become a better and more emotionally complete person each day that I live and breathe!

No matter what, I always do my best to try and have a positive outlook on things rather than the opposite – but sometimes my scars surface. Others may not understand them or even be able to relate to them, but guess what - they are all VERY real to me – and when I am cornered they all crack open like healing wounds and start bleeding again. I don’t know if we ever TRULY heal 100% from the bad things we have experienced in life. I know I try to… but whether or not that has an eventual flawless success rate is yet to be seen. I have forgiven and I have moved on from so many situations, but in moments of high emotional intensity and PASSION… your reactions often become more knee-jerk than conscious – and this is often where you lose the plot and everyone looks at you like you are some sort of emotional basket case.

I don’t know whether my hurts will ever completely leave me or whether I will walk around carrying certain insecurities and fears forever, but it is irrelevant to me actually. I am who I am and like the below quote very aptly depicts…

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”― Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps the combination of my passion and scars makes me a “PASSIONATE CRAZY PERSON” lol! Well, if that is the case – I am ok with that. It may not be the easiest thing to live with at times, but everything in life has its own balance and I would never sacrifice the positive outcomes of my uninhibited passion, just to be rid of the negative ones… NO WAY!

“Politeness is okay, but it gets old and boring. You want to attack life with a passion, not a politeness, you want people to think about you and remember you and say "she is so passionate" you don't want people to think about you and remember you and say "she is so polite," because, who cares about polite?” - C. JoyBell C.


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Wouldn't get much done without it I think...Imagine running a race without passion, or writing a story you didn't care for, it would be passionless, so yes, passion makes the world go round...

Everything would be utterly pointless.

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Thank you !

Well that wasn't where I was expecting that post to go.

Passion is what drives the world. Can you imagine how Michelangelo's David would have turned out without that emotion driving it? It would have looked remarkably like a stone. And Frankenstein! Mary Shelley had something to prove writing that! All of our great works of art and literature have come from passion.

The best we can do - as you indicate - is learn from ourselves and find a way to make ourselves better day to day.

Love the examples you gave!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is definitely though to put a filter on it! My wife won't even debate me anymore! 🤣

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hahahhaha ;) you will need to be smartly tactful with it then!

I call passion my "oopses" Lady Jaynie, as it is also my own driver. Be it a Chairman, CEO, President or whatever, if I have something to say, I say it come hell or high water. An example here if I may; A very important man once asked me: "Why are you so stubborn". My answer was; "Why are you so fat"
If people get personal with me, I get right personal back at them, but luckily I have never been able to hold a grudge.
The one solution in life is to be yourself. Short and sweet. No masks, no acts, no scams, no nothing. There is not one in this world that can stand up and say that they are perfect. Not one that can say they have not been hurt. But some are hurt more than others because all of the hurts shape them for what they are to become. "All things work together for good"
Your passion is a precious gift, guard it with your life!

Oh @pailloncharity I LOVE LOVE LOVE your candid nature!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT EVER CHANGE!!!!

Too dumb to change my friend Lol

hahahhaa!!! Love it even more!

Thank you plenty!

Passion is so important! Thanks for reminding us.

It is amazing really how we forget the most obvious things.

It is amazing
Really how we forget the
Most obvious things.

                 - jaynie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Passion pushes us forwards - it is something we need in our life.

damn straight!

Right on, you can never be too passionate it comes in so many forms and guises, fortunately we are all different some wear passion on the sleeve while others may subdue it.

At the end of the day to hold onto passion is better than the scars dealt our in life. Passion is prettier making us radiate a glow from within, scars are rewards of battles and water under the bridge.

@tipu curate

most of my scars hold my shiny glitter ;)

Never lose that wonderful passion you have, Jaynie. We all have been pulled down by some hard knocks and need a bit of a kick in the pants to stir up the positive in our lives. 💕

Love the quote by Marilyn Monroe.

Too true! And considering I have not flaked yet... unlikely I ever will!

This really resonates with me:

No matter what, I always do my best to try and have a positive outlook on things rather than the opposite – but sometimes my scars surface. Others may not understand them or even be able to relate to them, but guess what - they are all VERY real to me – and when I am cornered they all crack open like healing wounds and start bleeding again.

You amaze me, @jaynie. No matter what, even when you do feel hurt or angry, you just bounce back and show up again and continue being your out-loud-passionate self. The wounds of life have made me cautious, afraid to reveal that inner self who has been hurt so many times. I, too, choose positivity and go through life with the desire to spread joy, not to carry or display bitterness. What would be the point of that? But I don't know how to be unguarded, especially on social media! You are an inspiration to me.

You have NO idea how much this comment means to me today. It has been a incredibly hard week for me and I have been challenged both mentally and emotionally! I got to sleep at 4am on "Thursday night" and wondered how I would face Friday but I was so pumped with emotional adrenalin that I simply had to get up and face the hurt and betrayal. I had a chat with myself, gave myself a slap in the face and then decided that I would take the anger and hurt I felt I was feeling and transform it into something positive - hence, our new PHC daily post format lol.... nobody need know that, but that was me "bitch slapping" myself into touch.

Thank you for this hon - it means more to me than any words I can choose to leave here! xxx

That is the hallmark of a very strong person with deep reservoirs of commitment and ability to leap over obstacles. Instead of lying down in a sobbing heap, you made a plan and did something that helped you regain a sense of being in the driver’s seat of your own life. 😁❤️🌈


In my experience even people that are not out-spoken carry the same discomforts around, and sometimes it is because they did not speak up when they wanted to. So, may as well just be loudly passionate :)

Everyone needs to find their "voice of passion" I guess - it can come in many forms... music - dance - written word and so forth.

Passion is not a vice, the main thing is to recognize yourself as you are and strive for the best))

So true! xxxxxxxxxxx

I do try to find passion in everything I do and make use of every situation rightly. This is what can help everyone if our thinking is right.

and Rightly so!

I am a far cry from perfect, and I have truckloads of issues.

I feel if the people around me dont want to deal with me as a bundle of sheer bliss and joy well their loss hahahaahahahah


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