Butternut & Coriander Chicken Curry

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There is not such thing as a bad day for curry... the same goes for any dish prepared with coriander (cilantro) and that was precisely what I was craving! This is a wonderfully simple dish – consisting of filleted chicken breast, a green pepper, fresh coriander, butternut cubes, a butter chicken cook-in sauce and curry spices. Firstly, pour a swirl of olive oil into a deep pan or pot. Don’t turn it on just yet. Dice up your filleted chicken breast into decent sized cubes and then throw them in. Add all your spice. I used Cartwrights Hot curry powder, Eleven in one masala, Mother in law masala, about a teaspoon of chopped garlic, a quick pour of Mrs. Balls Chutney and a little bit of salt and pepper.

Toss it all nicely and then turn on the heat to high. The reason I don’t add the filleted breast to an already heated pot or pan is because even in a non-stick pan, it tends to stick immediately regardless. You are not really looking for any grand sear marks anyway – as the entire dish is going to be covered in sauce – so I don’t see any issues with doing it this way.



While that is heating up, chop up the green pepper and have that ready. And then roughly chop the coriander (dhanya, cilantro). I put about a handful into the curry itself and then the rest is for sprinkling fresh on top of the curry.



Once the chicken has been sizzling for about 10 minutes, add the green pepper and the coriander. Allow that to cook for a few minutes on high and then reduce the heat. When the heat is medium to low then I add the dry cook in sauce, which I have pre-mixed with milk. Stir that in and after a few minutes it will thicken.





Now you can add your butternut. What I love about adding the butternut towards the end is that although it cooks through, it remains firm - rather than turning to mush! lol Once the butternut has been added, you can close the lid, leave the heat on medium to low and you are done. This can now simmer for as many hours as needed - in fact, the longer the better.


I will served this SUPER tasty curry with basmati rice (yes, yes, a small cheat but what is a curry without rice!), a sprinkling of fresh coriander, diced avo, tomato and a dash of feta cheese! Yum!!!




Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Holy YUM! I love me a good curry! This would be a great contender for #fff @jaynie ;)

hahahaha at "HOLY YUM" - LOVE IT!!! I have been meaning to check out #fff for ages, yet alas, time always runs away with me - but thank you for the reminder!

Sounds delish. Don’t know if we have that kind of mix here

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You referring to the cook in sauce @mariannewest? because I often don't use that and will use a dry sauce powder... something like "chicken ala king" or things along those lines, and then just add the extra curry spices.

Yes, the cook in sauce. Thank you.

no probs xxx

Yum is right! It looks and sounds delicious, and I can smell it cooking. : )

hahaha thank you @whatisnew! :)

Yummy yummy

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hehe thanks @shuvo35 it was indeed VERY yummy! :)

Ooh. That looks so good. No fair. Now I am hungry. Will have to brave this weather to go and get some. Maybe just call MrD. 🤭😋

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hahahaha Good 'ol Mr D. :D but he does not deliver home made goodness ;) You will have to come visit!!!


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AWESOME! Thank you xxx

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MWAH! Thank you!!!

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Delicious curry in the making ..thanks for sharing :)

This looks amazing @jaynie, it's on the menu now :) I love curry and I'm always looking for ways to include in recipes. Butternut squash on the counter as I speak, beautiful presentation as well.

Thank you love! Appreciate all the positivity!!! And yes agreed, who doesn't love a good curry!