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Sally loves Christmas and the holiday season,
Though any gift meant for her isn’t the reason.
Her father, a good man, fell ill; he’s bedridden,
And Sally has a gift just for him that she’s hidden.

When she was two, Sally’s father was a laborer in the construction field. In a building adjacent to the site where he was working, a fire started and caused a chemical explosion and damaged part of the building. Chemicals escaped into the air, poisoning Sally’s father and several other workers, when a fog of the chemicals drifted their way.

Now he can’t work any longer because the chemicals have badly affected his motor control, and he has no strength to do anything but waste away in bed. The company that owned the building didn’t have insurance to cover such an accident, and it declared bankruptcy as a result.

Her family’s poor; they lack income for living
And the little they have can’t be spent on gift giving.
Sally loves dollies; hers is made from a sock.
She named her doll Amy and to Amy she’ll talk.

It’s now been four years since the accident and though there are lawsuits that could help the men, slowly making their way through the courts, as always, they just drag out. The family has a hard time making ends meet, and the little they’d saved was gone some time ago. They’d never been well-off, but now, they have to depend on welfare.

Sally prayed every day that her father would heal;
His strength would return and his legs he would feel.
He’d stand once again and show Sally the way
To be brave and face obstacles that get in the way.

Sally’s first-grade elementary school teacher, a Ms. Evans, knows about the struggles that Amy’s family must deal with daily, and she’s reached out to help them from time to time, being as inconspicuous as possible. A few months ago, a doctor Ms. Evans has known since they were children, has stepped up to help.

Without charging the family for her services, the doctor diagnosed Sally’s father’s condition and then prescribed and paid for drugs that would remove the poisons from his system, and she also hired and sent a physical therapist to work to help improve his motor function each day while Sally is in school. One and a half weeks before Christmas, he’d stood on his own two feet for nearly five minutes. He was recovering!

Now, they are all planning a Christmas morning surprise for Sally!

The night before Christmas, Sally prayed for her dad.
She asked for the most precious gift she ever had.
The same prayer she’d prayed many times every day.
No thoughts about Santa, or the gifts in his sleigh.

While Sally slept, the adults - Ms. Evans, the doctor and Sally’s mom, got everything ready for when Sally would wake up and come to her parents’ room, as she did every morning, to check on her father. She would get a surprise!

It was barely dawn when Sally woke up and, realizing it was Christmas morning, she got up with a smile on her face, as she was sure her father would feel better. But when she entered her parents’ room, no one was there. She called out, “Mommy, where are you, and where is daddy?”

“I’m out here sweetheart, by the Christmas tree! Come see your presents!” her father’s voice rang out.

As Sally left her parents’ room and entered the living room, there stood her father, (with the help of a cane), smiling at her right beside the little tree.

“Daddy, oh daddy, I knew you’d get well,
And now that you’re better, everything will be swell!
It’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.
I knew you would walk again - I knew and believed!

That’s not the end of the story though…

As the narrator of this story, I have a pretty big role myself. I just happen to be a gift for Sally that was purchased by the doctor who helped Sally’s father to recover. I’ll leave you with this:

“I’ve heard you like dollies Sally; is that right?” the doctor asked. Sally nodded her head yes with a big smile. Well Sally, my name is Doctor Dolly! Dolly is my name, and I have something for you, and I want you to open it.

As she tore the wrapping paper away, Sally was excited to see a brand new “Dolly Dancer” baby doll, the most popular doll of the year that had completely sold out a whole four months before Christmas. She was so happy!

Sally ran over to Dr. Dolly and gave her a big hug and said, “I love you Doctor Dolly! Thank you for saving my daddy!”

Sally © free-reign 2019

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Advent Candle: Image by nile from Pixabay

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Thank you!

What an incredibly uplifting story. The story, interspersed with the poems, leads the reader down a strong emotional path with a great payoff at the end. Well done!


Thank you! It took me like 3 days just to come up with this idea. I was almost at the point of transitioning to panic mode, lol!

Thanks for the tip!

Haha! I know that feeling! "It's time! The deadline is today!"

You did a great job for being under pressure. :)

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What a beautiful inspiring story, really pulled at the heart strings @free-reign!
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Thank you @lizelle! I will check this information out. I need to get more in the habit of using twitter along with steemit anyway, so thanks for these links!

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A nice and uplifting tale, well done, and good luck with the compo..

Thank you, and good luck to you as well!

Selfless gifting what a unique story, touching tale and her wishes came true in more ways than one @free-reign


Thank you @joanstewart, it was a story that just came together so nicely once the idea materialized, which took a while. :) Thanks for reading, your nice review and the tip!

I get lost in story telling, always appreciate time and effort to get the right feel and flow in a story line.

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I love your poem AND your story.

It made me smile.

Thank you, I'm so glad it made you smile; it makes writing the story, for me worthwhile! :)

What a beautiful story @free-reign and SUCH a fantastic entry!

Thank you for the wonderful compliment @jaynie! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post! :)

My pleasure @free-reign :) and yes, I did very much!

That was certainly an uplifting story! I love the way you put it all together, peppering it with words that tugged at the heart, then musing sprinkled in to keep your brain moving.

You are truly a gifted writer and I am always glad to come across your writing, I need to make a better effort to walk over to your blogs. :)

Wonderful. As Always.

!tip .20

Aw... thank you for your reading and for the very nice comment - I really appreciate your support and generosity! I've had a really busy past couple of months, but I should be able to start being a little more active with the writing now.

Again - thank you! :)

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Beautiful @free-reign thank you for sharing 👍


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Thank you @wonderwop, glad you liked the story!

It was a bad day today but your uplifting story made my day. Cheers!

I'm sorry your day wasn't so good, but really happy that reading my story helped to make it better! I don't think a compliment could get any better than that! :)

Thank you!

very good work, I liked it, thank you for sharing.

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked reading my post!

What a great heart-felt story, @free-reign. God health is the best Christmas gift for all of us. 😊

Isn't that the truth! Of all the things I have to be thankful for, my good health is the one for which I am most grateful. Thanks for stopping by to read @redheadpei, and have a joyous holiday season!

Wow, wow, wow! This is beautiful @free-reign, brought tears to my eyes :) Love the way you interlaced poetry within the story lines. Truly a sweet story, thank you! Blessings!

Thank you @birdsinparadise, for your lovely comment! I even get choked up near the end of the story, and I wrote the darn thing, LOL! Blessings to you and I wish you a joyous holiday season! :)

Wow and wow again! What a lovely story here about care and love my friend.
Setting the importance's in life alight and I hope many would read this post.

Thank you @papilloncharity! I'm happy with how it turned out, and that the message seems to be something that's being picked up on by those reading the story. I'm glad for the contest also, and the prompt whence this story came!

Blessings to you and Marian, and have a wonderful, joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020 my friend!

Firstly, I apologize for the late reply my friend. We are struggling with enforced power cut offs over here in the country.
I think that you will do well in the contest and glad that you got it out there.
May you guys also enjoy a happy and loving Christmas season my friend.

Ah, no need of an apology my friend! Just as you said once when I apologized for taking I think twice as long on a reply. :) I've also heard about the power situation in SA, and I hope things improve soon for everyone there!

Thank you and I forgot about that, but I think it's a matter of decency that you and I have been raised with Lol
Mismanagement and corruption is now bearing fruit and all of the politicians are scurrying into holes of denial over here.
But of course the truth cannot be hidden and some very ugly things are being revealed here.
In the meantime, we are told that we will still struggle with power cuts for the next two years.

Heart-warming story. We need that. Without living in the north, we are getting colder and colder every year

A truer statement has never been made! But we must never give in! Happy holidays to you and your family, and may you find some joy amidst all the turmoil!

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This is the most incredible and beautiful story I've read in a long time. Thank you for sharing. To want something for someone else instead of yourself is the greatest gift.

Happy holidays and take care.

Thank you! When I see selflessness in a person it gives me hope. Just think of how much worse things would be if there were no beautiful, selfless people in the world?

Happy holidays to you and yours, and may the new year rise above your expectations!

Awesome story. I like how you interspersed the verses of the poem throughout the story. Well done!

Thank you! I started with the poem and then thought it would be great to tell a story in prose as well. I'm happy with how it turned out, and glad that you liked reading it!

Beautiful! that bought tears to my eyes! Happy tears for the kindness of others and the love of a child for her father!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your emotion-filled words! Like I wrote in a reply above, when I read it, I get choked up when I get near the end of the story - and I wrote it, lol. I've never had that happen before!

Thank you for reading and appreciating my story!

Love the mixing of poetry and prose. Very nice story.

Thank you! I'm very happy with how it turned out, and with all the wonderful comments its gotten!

Beautiful story, @free-rein! I love a happy ending.

Thank you @jayna! I agree - there's nothing as satisfying as a happy ending! I hope you have fun this holiday season and into the New Year!

I like the poem and story style, it is something that should not only be in Christmas movies I think. I did think that her dad would have died on Christmas day though... not sure why. It is a better ending with the dolly narrating it as well. !tip 1

I started with the poem and then the story came up as an idea to surround the poem. So then I took what I had of the poem and worked on both it and the story together. Thanks for the tip!

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