🏆 #GooglyPrize 👀 - Edición No. 114/ My entrance:The awakening of a butterfly

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This is my first entry into the 'Googlyeyes' contest.

I got here through @drakernoise. I think it's a nice opportunity to create some content.


Some butterflies pose in this painting but only one sprouted big green eyes. It seems to be looking at me. Something is telling me, his eyes are hinting at it. I think she wants me to take her out of the picture to fly and be happy. I need magic powders to allow me to set her free. Someday they'll all fly to the stars with me. We'll fly high.



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It’s so nice that you get encouraged and make your first entry on this lovely contest !
You got it cute and funny wrapping the whole thing with a wonderful story. Be careful, this googlyeyes fever is contagious and you may start looking the world with different funny eyes 😁
Best wishes for the contest @antoniarhuiz!
Hugs’n love over there ❤️

Gracias mi corazón. Ya tengo otras en la mira ja,ja,ja

Una linda inspiración, muy sentida comay impregnada de mucha naturalidad. Se nota que fluyeron las ideas. Éxitos.

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Me gusta cuando dices; "Creo que quiere que la saque del cuadro para volar y ser feliz..."
Están prisioneras en un fondo negro, lo que indica que su vida es triste.
Excelente , un abrazo amiga.

No lo había visto de esa manera. Buena perspectiva mana.

Esa mariposa necesita lentes ja, ja, ja....
Éxitos en el concurso!

Ja,ja,ja...gracioso ja,ja,ja. Me alegra que estés por aquí. Un besote y un abrazote.

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Abrazos @dsc-r2cornell. Gracias