Day 871: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: panic/ Wedding cake.

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This is my proposal for Freewrite from @mariannewest. I hadn't continued because of technical problems. If you didn't dare to participate, don't wait any longer. It is an exercise for you to develop your creativity which will help you to improve your writing.

Image of Jonathan Borba in Unplash

Wedding cake.

I remember clearly that day, it was my sister's wedding. Everyone was dancing and the children were running around playing. There were joy and romance in the air. The club was very well arranged with exquisite taste. The decoration stood out with natural flowers that gave off a sweet smell; near the cake, the table was the chocolate fountain accompanied by pieces of exotic and tropical fruits. The buffet table dressed with the best aphrodisiac delicacies. A beautiful and great evening!

But, when they least expected it all started to move to the sides and fall. It was an earthquake and everyone present panic.

Here the 5 minutes.

There were about 100 people at the wedding, adults, and children. Some were running in fear, running over the others and looking for an exit to escape, others were protecting themselves under the tables and others were looking for the bases that supported the great hall. Everyone almost in unison shouted: Earthquake, earthquake! The women and children were crying.

When the earthquake stopped and everyone felt safe, some returned to the celebration and others went home still scared. Nothing serious happened, apart from the mess of the chairs, the chocolate fountain table and the buffet table that were on the floor, but the most curious and significant fact was that the five-story cake remained firm except for a marked lightness to one side, compared whit the Tower of Pisa; making the remaining guests forget about the episode and be calmer. By the end of the evening, everyone was talking about what had happened and laughing at their reactions.

My recommendations not to panic whit the 5 minutes of Freewrite.

-Set the timer on your phone or watch, whatever, to the 5 minutes.
-If you don't feel able to create in that time, as I do, you stop time for a moment, think and then continue until you have completed the 5 minutes. I don't think that means cheating.
-If you don't have a watch or a phone, you can download it from the web. I downloaded this Of course, there are other options but I'm comfortable with that one.

The invitation is open to Freewrite on @mariannewest's blog.

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¡Bien hecho, Mamalela!

Gracias Mamalela!

NOOOOOO!!!! Not the chocolate fountain!!! haha. Cake is good too though, and that is not on the floor. Nice little 5 minute free write. It's amazing how fast time goes by when free writing.

Hello, my friend. Yeah, time goes by too fast, in the blink of an eye. I destroyed the chocolate fountain with speed but saved the cake ha ha ha

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Pobre novia esa fue una premonición de lo venia. Excelente amiga-
Un abrazo.