Alert Red- Competition 70/ The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Greetings to all, I continue in this event, @xpilar offers an image to develop a story. If you haven't participated, come on over. It's very simple, you just have to be creative. This exercise helps us to encourage image-inspired writing. In this case, I think I focused on penguins and airplanes. Then I looked at the sunken houses and got the impression of a flood caused by bad weather.


Red Alert

Global warming began its impact through the Arctic. From above, I can visualize the meltdown. Giant waves covered the few houses that were in the area. The sea has taken over, they're covered by water. We have no space to land, even if it's to help the penguins. We have to retreat and make a study of the situation. The flood has taken many lives.

The sea is still rough and you can only see a small piece of bare land where the penguins can live. Some ice sheets are floating and drifting, which will have consequences for the tropics. The risk remains. It is possible, that sea currents and winds will lead to another tragedy; the State of Emergency will certainly be declared.

In the meantime, the center of operations studies the risks and threats arising from the natural disaster and prepares the consequent planning of actions to be taken in the emergency. For now, there is a lot of movement in the strategy room. It is urgent to implement mechanisms that will save lives and the first thing to do is to activate the red alert.

This is my story for this contest. I hope you like it. I invite you to participate and here is the link to the post of the 70th edition.

Thanks, @xpilar for lending us your images to create stories.


Made by @zord189


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Hi @antoniarhuiz

thanks for your description, the danger is there.


Thanks friend.

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