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    It seems that Guatire is going to be cold for a while, every day I have to wrap up from head to toe and at night I don't have to turn on the air conditioning. For those who do not know this beautiful city, I tell you that it is very hot, its average temperature is always above 30 degrees, many compare it to Maracaibo. I recently arrived from the Andes and it seems that I brought with me all the cold, it's also raining a lot and many people are starting to suffer from the flu.

    In the meantime I'm going through all this fuss about the weather and diseases and I'm arming myself with different things to warm up my body.


A very special cup.

    At home everyone knows I love coffee and then everyone leaves in the morning and I stay home alone enjoying a hot blackie.

    This work is very easy to do, it all depends on the size of the cup you want to wear, you must take into account that you have to leave a space to drink without dirtying the fabric.

    Did this 20-chain, half-point job. Then we decorate it to our taste, either with bigger flowers or with hearts, just let our creativity flow.

Enjoy a nice coffee and think about nice things

    There's a vallenato that goes like this: "I like the smell of the morning, I like the first sip of coffee, to feel the sun peep out of my window and fill my eyes with a beautiful sunrise. "

    That's right, friends, life is very beautiful and we must value and enjoy those little moments that life gives us. In my house there is always a cup of coffee for whoever wants to get to drink, whenever I can I invite my friends to an afternoon of coffee and we share a moment of distraction, laughter and company. It's amazing what a cup of coffee can do.

    Say goodbye to you my friends, I'm going to make myself a cup of chocolate for a change and warm up my body from this cold weather, bye bye.


gif sepia.gif

Photos taken with my Krono-net cell phone

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Oye siempre nos trae buenas creaciones. tienes un gran talento, que Dios te guarde ese don amiga. Saludos

tan bello, gracias kadosh

Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Se ve genial!

gracias black, me alegra que te haya gustado

That looks really cute. I would have never thought of such a sleeve for a coffee cup. ;0)

if you knew that here in Venezuela you see this kind of thing in different houses, especially to cover the glasses on the table

I remember my grandmother used to do this a lot
Either friends would come over or she'd go to visit
No need to make an announcement or ask permission
Just show up and you are welcome with open arms, tea/coffee and biscuits

That's really adorable :)

How nice of me to remind you of that loved one. Thank you.

seen a lot of those cup warmers on Etsy and now I know how to make one too :)

Yeah, I've also seen them on pinterest for kids and for juice or drink glasses