Why I am against Steem power Down in 4 weeks time ?

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I was away from platform from last few weeks and when I came back the platform is already little bit became unfamiliar with introduction of communities and their work.

Well, finally we have been seeing what we have waited from last few years. Thats are communities!!.

Today I am came across the ongoing discussion and post of @steemitblog about whether it's good to decrease the powerdown time and set it to 4 weeks?

I was just taken back for few minutes and going through the views from most witnesses and people with good stake.

I have been only year around this place and have very little observations regarding the cryptocurrency. But what it always bring back me here even I am busy is my little " Steem power" here.

Its make me excite every time to create content and curate. If I am only trader then would been left this place very easily long back ago.

People like me comes and stick to the platform and slowly learn how things work out because of long power down time other wise I would have buy steem on any exchange, keep in liquid and sold with out waiting for this one year period.

People talking about the investers and how they can't wait for long power down period!! It's most wrong assumption created. Because steemit is not steem ! If they only want short period of time like 4 weeks, I would suggest them just not to power up and hold the steem in liquid only.

✓ if the account was hacked, then we know how much time takes it to recover it. Before even the owner finds out about it, the funds will be long gone.

✓ So if someone bought the steem powered up and abused the system, gains maximum rewards even with out community find can leave the platform easily.

✓ people talking about investors are not showing interest because of locking period of 13 weeks. It's truly confusing statement, because investors in crypto should have knowledge about the time it takes to make great things. Please don't quote about day traders in the place of investors.

✓ what about witness votes?

✓ I have taken around three months to make myself totally familiar with the platform, block chain technology and cryptocurrency. It's only because steem power I got made me to stick to the platform. I have invited many friends, but most of them leave because of complexity in things here.

We are still at just the beginning and still building things. Even now the community feature still sucking and requires alot of development. We need a sick mobile App, we need to promote steem and make sure list on all major platforms. That's what needed at this hour.

✓ what's the long time vision behind the power down time reducing proposal?

✓ I understand most of the time power down is not equal to leave the platform, but decreasing it to 4 weeks is too way less time. Because Steem is not steemit.

✓ steem power is a commitment to the block chain so you can able to get rewarded from the reward pool for your activities.

✓ power down reduction is not at all required for the investors who have been successfully doing business on steem and still continuing with out complaint.

✓ what's make steem different than other crypto is " community" around it. What making community to stick together here is steem power.

If you still think I am not qualified to put this resist against the proposal , you can check the valid arguments from long time developers and business people like @blocktrades @aggroed below.

we need more marketing, more real time using Apps, smooth functioning, great UI, increasing speed of account recovery process.

"We know how @steemit forcely push things even totally community is against it, they came up with @steem.dao proposals to take feedback. Please if you agree with me and against the power down reduction time.. go here to cast your vote."

Vote this proposal if you are "AGAINST" reducing the Power Down period to 4 weeks.

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Appreciate your points. On balance I'm still happy that 4weeks is enough while giving a little more flexibility.

@brianoflondon I feel the proposal lacks strong reasons & vision as per the @steemitblog post besides only reason of long locking of fund. Thank you for stopping by 😊

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