STEEM vs HIVE Power Down Data | Top Players| Who is winning?

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We have seen that a lot of Steemians now Hivers are powering down STEEM, buying HIVE and powering up. Here we will be looking in the numbers of started power downs on Seem and on Hive and compare them to each other. Data for the daily powering downs will be presented and who are the top accounts that started powering down. At the end a bonus, top Hive accounts that are powering up.


For starters, for historical perspective lets take a look at the overall powering down data on Steem in 2020, while there was still one blockchain. Form January 1 till March 20, 2020.

Data on Power Downs, Jan 1 – March 20, 2020

Here is the chart.


Well not as lovely chart mostly thanks to Binance that started a huge 31 million power down, after powering up and voting on governance on the chain. Huobi started powering down, first on March 8 the next day March 9 Binance as well.

Some general pattern that can be notice from the chart is that before February 14, the amount of daily Power Downs is in the range of a few hundred thousand, something like from 100k to 300k. The average for the period is around 250k.

When the announcement happened on 14th February a lot of Steemians didn’t like it, especially with the token swap wording. I resulted in a 7.5 million SP started to be powered down on that day. Also, we can see that in the last days around the HF 23, that happened on March 20 there is a large amount of power downs.

Data on STEEM and HIVE Power Downs starting March 21 – April 10, 2020

Now let’s take a look how things went after the HardFork. How are the powering downs doing on each blockchain?

Here is the chart for the amount of STEEM and HIVE that has been put in powering down in the period between March 20 and April 10, 2020.


Can you guess what is what?

Obviously, the red color is the HIVE power downs and the white is STEEM. There is significant difference between the two of them. The STEEM powering down continues although it looks like in the last days not much is left, but still the difference is big.

Note that this are power downs that were started. Not realized. It will take 13 weeks for the funds to be totally liquid. A lot of the power downs that were started before March 20 are continuing to gain liquidity in this period.

Almost 40 million STEEM was put to power down after March 20 vs 8.8 million HIVE in the same period.

Overall starting from February 14th approximately 85 million STEEM started powering down, excluding the exchanges that are 42M more.

The peak of the power downs excluding exchanges is before and after the HF. Millions of liquid STEEM each week. There is still a lot of time to go before all this STEEM become liquid. The next two months at least. More than 8000 accounts started powering down since February 14th.

Top 20 accounts that started STEEM power down

Here is the table of the top 20 accounts that started STEEM power down.


Disclaimer: These are approximate amounts and not totally accurate.

This is mainly because of the VEST to STEEM ration that is changing daily, and I have a fixed ration for all the period.

Top 20 accounts that started HIVE power down

Here is the table of the top 20 accounts that started HIVE power down in the period between March 21 and April 10.


Disclaimer as for the previous table, from the reason same as above.

HIVE Power UPs

Here are the top accounts that powered up HIVE in the period from March 21 till April 10th.


More than 2200 accounts powered up at least 1 HIVE or more since March 21.

Looking forward to seeing how thing will evolve especially in the next two to three months.

All the best


Interesting post. We will see in the next weeks what will happen...

Nice work @dalz!

I was wondering about this data and glad you saved me a task. Seems there is much more on the way out of Steem than Hive, I wonder how much of that powering down Steem will move to powered-up Hive - hopefully, a good % :)

Thanks @abh12345!

The numbers are quite high, but this also shows how exchanges and some large players there can manipulate. I bet there is a big sell orders for steem these days. But not to forget if we see an almost 100M PD, there was also around 100M on exchanges. I'm still wondering what will Binance do with there 31M Hive...

Excellent data! I was thinking about it all the time. My personal concerns is that Binance-Houbi hive stake. Eventually they will have to sell part of it for sure, so fundamentally that will add to liquid supply.

Thanks. Not sure to whom that Binance-Huobi stake belongs actually :)

Once the frozen Steem accounts get unlocked, the flood gates are Steem being powered down and sold are going to open.

I'm waiting for the Binance move :)

Maybe will be worth to see on what date some of the Big accounts on HIVE started the power down so we can anticipate the drops on the HIVE price, for instance, if those accounts started the power down on sunday we may see a price drop on Monday.

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If you zoom in on the combined power down chart you will see that there is more than 1M HIVE started PD on April 6th.

But as I mentioned in the comment above, the funds that were already on exchanges are making the game. There were around 100M steem on exchanges ... most of those got HIVE .... the PD will make some effect for sure ... lets see...

Useful information. As my podcast partner always said a decade ago, if you want to know which are the places people want to be you have to look which way the rafts are heading. Clearly the rafts are heading from Steem to Hive!

Thanks. Hope the exchanges dont mess it up :)

Cool stats, @dalz! Very interesting numbers. I'm not super surprised about the general trend. I guess a lot of people started a Steem powerdown as a precautionary measure, to be able to react on things more quickly. It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen with the liquid STEEM over the course of the 13 weeks, whether it will straight go to exchanges or even be powered up again at some point...


Well who can tell.... probably a share of it will go for hive, a share for BTC as I can see some are doing it as well and a share of it may just stay as liquid steem and maybe be powered up again. Guess it will depend on the overall trends and development. Will see how it goes.

Well I think, many will power down on steem because they realised that supporters are here in hive, not in steem.

Is Dtube a Hypocrite?
Why is he promoting on Hive and powering down at the same time??

Not sure is he promoting Hive ... but he should answer this.

I said "Why is he promoting on Hive ", of course Dtube Stuff....
Not that he is promoting Hive.
I think he is even "shooting against" Hive.

Interesting that some of the big Hive power downs are by accounts that may not get away with what they did on Steem. I'm just surprised that the Steem price is holding. Will we all find buyers in coming weeks?

It's a good thing we don't have the original 2 year power down.

Yea ... but still 13 weeks. About the Steem and the Hive price you can say atm its influenced a lot by the large players. I guess it will take some time for the things to settle.

Interesting to see this @dalz.

I hope you decide to follow up, but also to add more side-by-side data of powering up on Steem vs. Hive, new accounts made on Steem vs. Hive and so on. That — combined with @penguinpablo's activity reports would offer a very interesting picture of how the wind is truly blowing!

Thanks :)

I'm planing on making more of these and compare the two for sure with the data you mentioned. Thw following days I will put some activity data.

I powered up to dolphin status! Interesting to see the stats like that, thanks.

Weldone dude. I'm right behind you

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You are welcome. Congrats on your dolphin status :)

So the power down data for hive only accounts for power down that was initiated on March 21 right?
I ask because when the fork was announced, some days before March 21, I initiated a powerdown and after the snapshot, my Hive power down was still active for a few days until I canceled it and my alts also fall in the same category.

Yes the powerdown data for Hive is only after the hardfork.

Awesome. In the coming weeks, there will be even more Hive power ups

Thanks for feeding is with such a piece of information @dalz


More than 2200 accounts powered up at least 1 HIVE or more since March 21.

How many steem accounts powered up at least 1 steem during the same time period? I mean it is a nice statement, but kind of a useless one when the entire post was comparing steem and hive.

By excluding the data for steem power ups you are only telling half the story. It would be like saying, steem had 1200 new users sign up during the period of March 20-April 10. A meaningless number with nothing to compare it to. (disclaimer, I have no idea if even one person has signed up for steem, just using that as an example of meaningless data point with nothing to compare it to, not even how many apples were picked by all the new hive members).

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Thanks for the very thoughtfull notice :)

I would of give you the number if you asked in a normal way, and not playing smartass. There was no intention in just giving the one side number you see, but just a missed point.

Also that part is a bonus. The focus of the post as it says in the title is the power downs, and the comparison data for those is there.

You see that is the problem with numbers. Statistics can be made to show what the person presenting them wants people to see. If numbers are going to be thrown about then the matching set of presented numbers need to be shown. Governments are great at giving only one side of the numbers. The one sided numbers are never done with intention, but that is how they come across.

The title of the post and the post does have what the title showed, it is still a mis-leading numbers post. It is still a one sided post. You end the post with the Number of Hive accounts powering up, no mention of the number of steem accounts powering up, and that makes it look like the people on steem are not powering their accounts up at all, and only powering down. The post was incomplete whether intentional or not,

The focus of the post as it says in the title is the power downs, and the comparison data for those is there.

Your viewing my criticism as a smartassed remark is fine, your post still appears one sided. I actually like Hive, I have a lot of problems with steem, but your post still missed the mark, your post title also says Who is winning? you only gave the final score to one side.

More than 2200 accounts powered up at least 1 HIVE or more since March 21.

Where are STEEM Power UPs data?

Not here :)

Almost 40 million STEEM was put to power down after March 20 vs 8.8 million HIVE in the same period.

To the disbelief of many. Thanks for this, and I find it hilarious (and ironic) the top power-up username is 10 X 😃

Thanks for the information. It helps put things into perspective. I think hive will be a more valued coin in the coming week. The artificial pump of the steem coin won't hold for much longer


Thx for the intersting stats, I think Steem is dead with the corrupt JS/Tron power grab.

Thanks for the comment.

Nice Analysis. Thank you very much. This just shows that now is the time to keep buying HIVE.


Great community, yet looks like the same failed experiment to me.


The cold war begins between Hive and Steem.

How can I buy Hive?