The Naughty and Nice Lists 😈😇

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Back by popular demand (one person asked), a look at who is littering Hive with swears. And a bonus list of of folks bringing the positivity in the comments.


The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just a fucking lunatic.
― Stephen Fry

Swear words that will register:

( body like ('% shit %') or  body like ('% fuck %')  
or  body like ('% bitch %')  or body like ('% piss %') 
or body like ('% dick %') or  body like ('% cock %') 
or body like ('% pussy %') or  body like ('% asshole %') 
or  body like ('% fag %') or body like ('% bastard %') 
or  body like ('% slut %') or  body like ('% douche %') 
or body like ('% cunt %') or body like ('% bollocks %') 
or  body like ('% arsehole %') or body like ('% wanker %') 
or  body like ('% fucking %') or body like ('% fucker %') 
or  body like ('% twat %') or body like ('% fucked %') 
or  body like ('% dickhead %') or  body like ('% tosser %') )

The 'most educated' in the comments since Hive arrived are as follows:

Potty mouths 😈Count

Checking back to the previous potty mouths post, I noticed a comment today asking about a positive persons/phrases list, so that one is below. The phrases included are:

body like ('%I love this%') 
or body like ('%very kind%')   
or body like ('%much appreciated%') 
or body like ('%thank you so much%') 
or body like ('%fantastic%') 
or body like ('%well done%') 
or body like ('%thank you very much%')  
or body like ('%you are very kind%') 
or body like ('%hive on!%') 
or body like ('%I applaud you%') 
or body like ('%you rock%')
or body like ('%excellent%') 
or body like ('%i am very happy%') 
or body like ('%this is awesome%') 
or body like ('%my pleasure%') 
or body like ('%you are welcome%') 
or body like ('%congratulations%') 
or body like ('%a lovely%') 
or body like ('%great!%') 

Again, comments only and one 'point' per comment, even if a comment is littered with swears (above) or positivity.

Positive People 😇Count

Plenty of people from both the lists are regularly high-flyers in the Engagement League. The league has sponsorship for around 20 more weeks thanks to Bernie, Azircon, and Justine and I don't expect this to be renewed, nor will I ask. So, engage away (swears or otherwise) for a chance to win a share 50 HIVE each Sunday.

Random stat of the day: 1100 accounts have used at least 1 of the swear words above on Hive (since 20th March 2020), and 5150 accounts have used at least one of the positive phrases.

Be sure to have a fucking awesome day!



@edicted you made it onto the list buddy.

I'm surprised @klye isn't higher. You see him on discord? Would put him near the top if we count that.

I have seen klye in chats and he's not shy of letting rip :)

Where the fuck did you learn to write SQL queries like shit?
I wonder why I spend time providing top-class service like HiveSQL to such bastards who repeatedly ignore SQL predicates. This really pisses me!
Stop wasting server resources, move your dickhead out of your ass, and go learn what "CONTAINS" is for!

Your wanker-written query, using "LIKE" everywhere like a small fag throwing flowers to bitches, is taking ages to complete when using CONTAINS(body, 'shit OR fuck OR bitch OR piss OR dick OR cock OR pussy OR asshole OR fag OR bastard OR slut OR douche OR cunt OR bollocks OR arsehole OR wanker OR fucking OR fucker OR twat OR fucked OR dickhead OR tosser') will do the work in less than 4 seconds!

Add to this that your results are totally inaccurate because of the surrounding spaces you added. You now look like a pussy. I dare you to find this sentence with your asshole's query, you tiny douche!

PS: one more "potty point" to me!


I 'taught' myself.

your results are totally inaccurate because of the surrounding spaces you added

You don’t put spaces after your swear words? Youmustbeaeurowankerthen 😘

Thanks for the server resources!

I fucking love this, Asher. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you kindly. I am struggling to stick a swear in this comment, my Grandma would not be impressed :)

Hahaha! This grandma doesn't give a shit!

hahaha :D

Bollocks to it then, have a shit-hot day Fiona!

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Thank you kindly!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I just realized I almost never use expletives when I write, even though I use them reasonably often when talking (at least among friends). I guess it's just because I feel more "formal" when writing.

It is the same for me - easier to know your audience when they are in front of you, and something about what is said not being recorded on a chain, forever :)

Loosen up you wanker

Lol! Hey that might be a good post series/competition. ROAST A WHALE.
It would allow people to vent frustration towards the big wigs around here and conversely, give some insight into what possibly those big wigs could improve upon.
Very community orientated either way.

Making positive strides for the next time this post appears!

I try to be formal but there’s lots of good scenarios where a ‘shit like this’ has more of an effect than “you could do something like this” hehe. I have improved in my vulgarity though!

I think that's mainly why most people use expletives: for emphasis or to quickly express their opinion about a topic or person. Which is fine, when you know it won't offend your audience.

We also use them more often when we're trying to motivate an action by engendering an emotional response (because expletives are often triggers for our emotions), rather than create a discussion around the pros/cons of an issue. I think there's a time and place for both approaches to communication.

Wow, I love this! It's so very kind of you to share this fucking awesome list, really very much appreciated, thank you so much! You're doing absolutely fantastic work for the Hive community, well done! Next to that, you're also a very kind person, I hope you'll Hive On! I applaud you for everything you're doing so far, you rock, and are an excellent human being. I am very happy to have gotten to know you on Hive (and even off Hive!), this is awesome, really, congratulations on making this post, it was lovely, great, and you're in NO WAY a shit poster, bastard, douche, or arsehole, only loving words for you, you awesome tosser!

Sincerely, writing this comment was all my pleasure, Rosa.

It's a textbook entry and should fare you well in the future, thank you!

Be sure to have a fucking awesome day

See you on the top

Dobartim? :D

haha, :)

Hmmmm....all i can really say is. I'm really going to have to try a little fucking harder to make your list.🤣😂

That's the fucking spirit!

Nice to see you John, I hope life is good :)

Going great. I hope the same for you brother. Also, I hope everything turned out okay for your daughter upon her going back to her mom.

Cheers :)

Yes, from the sounds of it things were stern but dropped shortly afterwards. Hopefully a case of lesson learned, but we will have to wait and see.

I really really hope she does stay a smoker, I know how terrible an addiction, and how truly unhealthy it is. I wish you all the best brother.🤗

Yes me too. Hopefully the return to the swimming pool will mean less time around those leading her astray.

Cheers :)

As expected an Aussie out front by nearly double everyone else. Are you sure Galen doesn't have Tourettes?

haha, yep :)

And his slighly less potty-mouthed bro making the top 20 too.

Rumor has it, his wife proof reads the comments and suggests swears to give them the more manly feel :)

Normally I can slip into good or party mode and Galen looks as though he is in party mode constantly.

There should be an Aussie at every party - I hear they are generous with the drinks as well as the expletives.

Opposite to the Scottish with the drinks then? Or is that just an old wives tale. Let us see if you know who takes the bait lol.

Lol...Nah, no Tourette's fucking dick shit honest.

While I have never really participated in your community over the years, the way you run your community/groups has been truly inspiring to see such focused attention and dedication. This post is an example of such.

This is truly a revolutionary way to utilize blockchain data to highlight the good and bad. From this list, one could in theory, choose what kind of experience to expect when engaging with fellow Hivers.

Much respect!

  • Taelor

Thanks :) Although. I've not planned to build a community, I'm just a guy presenting data that others don't - probably because they have better things to do with their time. It's fun though :)

I'm always open to ideas on what to surface from the blockchain, as long as it's not too complex. So if you have anything, let me know!

Im sorry ive been MIA since before Ned selling us out. When last was active with my group i had countless of members of my group demanding the kind of structure and organization they were used to from your contests. Maybe that was all that was, the way you managed data for your contests. Excuse me for my ignorance😛 but thank you for your reply to my comment!

'Merica fuck yeah!

Ahh, well thanks for passing the compliment on and good to see you back in the Hive :)


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hell yeah duder!

Nice many of my friends made it to the top of the potty mouth list! Pretty pissed i didnt make the fucking list though.

try harder cunt

Hey i fucking tried. Not my fault im shit at this.

You are getting better but still a bit shit

Well kiss my ass and make me bark like a fox. I made another of Asher's lists!

What can I say? I'm maybe not flattered, but it's an interesting sort. I probably ought to pick my game up a little. @galenkp is a LONG ways in front of me.

Thanks Asher. I think :)

C'mon Tom, you can do it!

Yeah, its arse not ass, get your shit together

I may be running against the current but I will continue to express in my native tongue. You all put 'u' in all sorts of fucking words and think that 4 letters is somehow better than 3 :) Not my problem.

Americans don't know their arse (the fat blubber they sit on), from their ass (a small donkey like animal)

Solid work Tom, I see Galen is egging you on 😀

What can I say? I've always been easily influenced.

Haha!! Bawbag!! It's a fine expression!!

I fucking love this post. :0D

I something don't seem very sweary because I use a lot of euphemisms but I am happy to be finally recognised!

Although check out @galenkp! Whoda thunk he works have been so foul!!

That G-dog knows how to swear right? So uncouth. Unintelligent fucker! Lol.

I have seen you use it a few times :D

The euphemisms are highly appreciated!

I am glad to see I made the list, but fuck, I am well behind the leader!

If he's good at something, it's firing out comments, littered with swears :)

It wasn't me, honest. I can remember swearing maybe once or twice possibly three at most...But this many times? Nah wasn't me. 😇

Now we know what the good lady gets up to when you are having a nap 😃

It's all on her...And to think she's always on at me to stop swearing!

I see, all the swears you need to let out in a day land on the Hive.

Yeah, I'm a good boy in real life. Honest.

I knew it :)

I'm not sure if this is a list to feel proud to be at the top to be honest...Ah fuck it, I might as well own it. Lol

Well owned - top of the EL and largest contributor to the Hive swear jar :)

Happy to provide a verbal education to all you fuckers here 😃

Thank you kindly good sir, it looks like I need a lesson or two. Not enough beer+Hive this year!

There's still time to correct that! Pump out the DnB and yoga, you're laughing!

Lol look at those battyboys on the nice list, wtf you looking out for Santa? He ain't coming this year, grounded due to the rona! live a little ye twats

Couldn't have said it better myself haha!

Fucking awesome post, there's always some cunt / twat / dickhead who comes up with posts like this ain't there? ;) I'm just 10th, need to do better.

haha :)

Some twat fobbing the reason for it's creation off on another bellend.

10th is reasonable, just 9 more dickheads to pass.

Greetings, this is a very original way to go showing certain statistics on the platform ! 🤝



Happy fucking chappy here!

Really, @riverflows, I'm appalled and shocked!! Goodness, gracious me!

I reckon you should add "amazing" in the second list search. That and "fantastic" seem to be my go-tos. I’m trying to find another word to express the same or better, but I seem to be failing a bit linguistically in that department.

They are solid contributions, i was looking for a short phrase so if they could go with another word they would make the list :)

My mama taught me to be kind and she still does when it seems to her that I walk the naughty road.

I then tell her that I will retire in 7 years and I fucking love to talk shit sometimes 🤣

Cheers and !BEER

haha :)

Well I hope you are retired in even less, so the shit-talking can begin sooner!

Oh yes, I hope that too. There are so many nasty words in my mind, I f***ing can't wait any longer 🤣

Cheers and !BEER

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Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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@johannpiber thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

@johannpiber is #2 most polite & positive hivean? why I am not surprised! well done, sir.

He's a good chap :)

Thanks ☺️

As I said, it's my mama's fault 😉

Cheers and !BEER my kind friend from Russia 🤗

no offence. why do you think it is a fault, at all?

I have a !BEER for you, too. use it without any doubts, as its already the evening!

You don't like that word, @qwerrie? What do you think of "It is the merit of my mom that I am so polite." 😊

Thanks for the !BEER cheers 🍻

both Fault / Error do not topping the list of my fave words, absolutely correct :P
and the !BEER, like its Friday evening!

But almost every word can be used in a funny way too, so it's not the fault of my boss that I'm too tired today, but my own because I have done the work he gave me 😉

Have also a !BEER my friend, Friday is almost here 😁


lost the count - was it !BEER #3 or #4? now I am drunken! and slowly creeping to my bed. cheers!

Ok, I never count them, so let's have a last!BEER for today, because I need my beauty sleep 🤣

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Hey @johannpiber, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @johannpiber, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

OMG what are these people thinking?! They gonna get banned!

Send them to Blurt!

Blurt time, its my weekly pot of free diminishing cash... thanks for the reminder!

EDIT: 64 Sats per blurt, fucking ell.

lol what do you expect when they purposefully airdrop hundreds of millions of tokens onto people who don't want to be involved?

Very little, but actually more than last week as HIVE crashed just as badly! I may hold some back for when the dumping stops, ... free HIVE or BTC is too damn tempting...

The are still worth something? That'll do me!

lo positivo ha triunfado sobre las malas palabras. Que tengas un excelente día @abh12345

Didn't know we were keeping score :D

Sometimes I have a look, should probably have a comment count and a % of comments with a swear in - next time.

Shit! definitely I must be a fucking saint unnecessarily well educated when 'commenting'...

Thank goodness that the Madame (the major slut of the Engagement League brothel) didn't occur to also include our posts in the damn investigation. Because otherwise, I bet I would kick mercilessly hard the arsehole of good old G-dog well away of the first place of the Potty mouths list.

Holy bollocks! :)

hahaha :)

It's all being jotted down, ready to be presented some time in the future, hopefully with a bit more skill that I do :)

the major slut of the Engagement League brothel

Hurray! I've made it :)

Hurray! I've made it :)

With all my fucking respect Madam ...You Actually Made It!! };)

La Matrona

It's all being jotted down, ready to be presented some time in the future, hopefully with a bit more skill that I do :)

Gorgeous! looking forward for that future to crown me with that bawbag laurel's ornament on my head and then swamp everybody noobie arses around here with that huge bottle of champagne from the pinnacle of the Potty Mouths podium.

Cheers! :)

You were 73rd on the potty list and 780 on the nice list - I have faith :)

Ah! as usual. I am a very well balanced chap. LoL

I'm really fucking disappointed I didn't make your bitch ass naughty list, but I'm happy to see my friend @galenkp is on the lead. Maybe he swears so much at me that I can live on the outskirts of the naughty list too.