What Is The Best Time To Post On Hive? Data On Days and Hours When Hivers Post

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I have seen this on some of the other social media where people are trying to time their post.
What time of the day is the best to post?
What day of the week?

Let’s take a look when are Hivers posting.


Honestly, I’m not very convinced that the time of the post has a very important role in this system of ours. Mostly because of the autovotes. But some of the large stakeholders and curation groups curate manually so maybe it is not something to totally ignore.

Here we will take a look when Hivers posts. What day of the week and what hour of the week. At the end a heatmap will be presented.

We will be looking at the past four weeks period starting from April 30 through May 27.

The time is in UTC. You can compare it with your local time zone here: https://time.is/UTC


First let’s take a look at the days.
What days of the week Hivers post the most?


Well it looks like Thursday is the winner here, although very close to Wednesday.
Overall, the number of post per day from the last four week period is very close for each day, in the range between 14,680 and 16,094. Saturday looks like is a bit down and the working days have overall more post than the weekend.


Now that we have seen the days data, lets take a look at the hours. What time of the day Hivers post the most?


Note this is UTC time.

A bigger difference can be seen here, ranging from 3398 to 5992. Between 12h to 20h UTC time looks like it is the preferable time when Hivers are posting.


Combing the days and hours and we get the heat map.
It looks like this.


As seen from the above the hours that pop up more are 14-15h with the most intensity. No significant difference in the days, just maybe a slight decrease for the weekend.
The record high is on Wednesday at 15h. The record low is Saturday at 2h and Monday at 3h.

There you have it. When Hivers post. Are you going to optimize your posting time now?

All the best


Good stuff!
Would also be good to know how the heatmap of upvotes looks like! This would be even more interesting, e.g. for strategically putting the posts at the hot spots! Or are the majority of votes anyway automatic? Then the heatmaps would be nearly identical.


Would also be good to know how the heatmap of upvotes looks like!

Yes this is an interesting thing as well. Although that will be a bit more challenging for data processing having in mind the numbers of votes. But something to consider for the future :)

Or are the majority of votes anyway automatic? Then the heatmaps would be nearly identical.

Comparing the two heatmaps will give some idea.

looks like most of my posts are in the "down time". now the question is, is it good, as less posts are up there to compete or is it bad because there are maybe less people there to see them?

Good point!
Less competition, but maybe less people to vote as well.

As always, your post is informative and represents that with actual data. Now we can think to optimize our post time. Thank you @dalz for sharing this.

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Thanks man!

This is some pretty great stats you've included here, mate! With Hive being such a global community with people posting from around the world, and with myself sharing a timezone different than most other users, it's certainly nice to know the best times to publish something. I'll be needing to calibrate my scheduling soon enough...

Cheers for sharing :-)

Ye people all around the world here :)
Its a great thing!

Love the analysis..nice job.

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Thanks Rolland!

I think I post more often around 20...


yes, UTC, that means 22 where I live ;-)

Not bad ... just at the end of the peak :)

I see what you did!!! Posted on Thursday at 21:00 utc 😉

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Missed by few hours :)

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The heat map you provide is incredible. I was trying to find someone who researched this so I can optimize my post time.

Thanks so much for doing this my friend!

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Thanks for this post. I will definitely look into the hour i post

I never give importance to the time I post, I post mostly when I have free time to sit on the pc ahaha
But it's always good to know when others are in front of the pc posting, they will be more and less active to upvote as well! Maybe it's more difficult to get data but I'm with @stayoutoftherz about having a heatmap for the upvotes :)
Thank you for this!

Heatmap for upvotes will be intersting yes :)
Will give it a go soon...


Pretty cool heat map with the activity on the blockchain and even if I didn't thought of it of course the best time to post is when there is the most activity on HIVE. Something to consider in the future to get some more exposure.

This is a lovely analysis. I am a night owl so I post mostly towards the end of the day or beginning of a new day

This is indeed interesting information... As someone said in the comments, we should choose do we want to compete with a lot of others posting at the same time, and expect bigger upvotes... Or post when there are less content and get better "positioned", but with smaller "possible" audience...

It's similar to creating Adwords, or FB advertising campaign... Do you want to pay more and compete with big fish, but with less traffic for a certain amount of money, or you will search for another "keyword" that is undervalued and get more traffic to your post/project...

Anyways, thanks for sharing!