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I read a post from @horpey yesterday about automating your #steem posts to your Twitter account. I think it a brilliant idea and one which we should all be doing to get some more attention to our blogs and to the site in general. One of the things that STEEM needs is more eyes on the content so sharing to twitter with good tags should help to get more views onto our work.

The original post is here with the step by step instructions and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Share STEEM posts to Twitter

I set it up today and tested it out with my daily @actifit post and it worked perfectly. Once it was set up, all I had to do was post to STEEM as usual and it showed up on my twitter account within a minute. So handy.

Now I'm not a prolific tweeter by any means and only have a small amount of followers because of this but that's because it requires extra effort every time I want to share something. Now it will be automated for all of my posts and should improve my visibility as well.

On the website where you set it up the box allows you to automate your hashtags as well so I think it's a good idea to add a few for #steem and #steemit to increase their use and visibility. #crypto and #bitcoin to get it in front of external but like minded twitter users and tags for #blog and #blogging to capture that group of people who might be interested in reading and writing on STEEM.

I think that full credit has to go to @horpey for a detailed and well put together post that makes it easy to set up for any user that is active on twitter.

I think it would be great to see some of the regular and quality users on STEEM set up this service and get some more STEEM content flowing onto twitter. The like of @pennsif, @reggaesteem, @coruscate, @blewitt, @exyle, @paulag, @taskmaster4550, @tarazkp, @coingecko and all the other interesting users who I follow on STEEM and on twitter. People that should be showcased to the wider audience and could attract more people in to read and comment. ( I've heard rumors of guest accounts but until then even getting more clicks onto the site is good for STEEM. It means more recognition and greater brand awareness.)

It's all about getting eyes onto the content and bringing people to STEEM. We complain about lack of marketing but here is one example of how the users can showcase the chain in a fast and simple way to increase the brand recognition. I hope to see a lot of users add this to their profiles and keep spreading the word.



What is the #posh tag about?

Shameless plug, I’ve maintained a little app called SteemRSS which has some more RSS feed features for trending, new and other Steem blog feeds. It is a good complement for your steps of auto-Tweet with tags. Check it out at

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Plug away. i'll take a look at it anyway. Every new tool or option is a help to somebody in here.

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I found this works for resteems also. Pretty convenient. The Resteem button now blasts it out to my Twitter followers, too.

Ya. That's part of the tool as well which is great in my opinion. If we can get more people to do this then lots more #steem content on twitter and hopefully more eyes on the site.

It’s a great idea. I am continuing to experiment. SteemRSS has feeds for topic trending. So you can set it up to auto-tweet trending Actifit posts, for example.

All the SteemRSS feed links are Steemit, but I can make it do Steempeak, or a tribe site instead.

I prefer to manually tweet about my post. While I’m on Twitter I’ll then grab that tweet and drop a comment on my posts that if someone would like to further support my post they can do so on Twitter. That way I’m creating a two way street for traffic.

I’ll get people from both sites going over to the other to show support. Which is great and gives me more exposure.

If that works for you then great. :D

I have a second twitter account that i use to share important steem-info manually but i was never really sharing my own posts when the extra steps were needed. Now i don't have to worry about it and everything goes automatically. I just found this really handy to get my twitter activity up. I can see your point though and think it makes sense too.

we had this feature solicited by (which is now offline). Lets see how long Twitter accepts the traffic from your IP/domain.

Hopefully for a long time. I find this so handy for sharing and getting my content out there and the STEEM name on twitter.

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Thank you @cardboard. Appreciate it.

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This is amazing, cheers

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Being lazy I find this really handy. It's great to get some content on twitter and increase my profile. I also used it to share the @steem-info twitter feed to a facebook page automatically. I love shortcuts.

I tried to share my latest post on Twitter. When I looked at my tweet there, the picture is really horrible quality. I understood it might have upscaled my thumbnail and caused a quality loss. But I changed the picture for thumbnail to be bigger and tweeted it again yet the quality of the image on Twitter is still horrible. Is this something you've also experienced?

No actually. I even checked my latest post/ tweet and the picture is perfect on it. My actifit posts have a blurry photo from whatever image they are using as stock but anything that i have posted myself or shared from another feed is coming up fine.

Ah yes I can see that, I think for the actifit ones it is because of how small that running man image is, so it becomes stretched out and blurry. That's what I assumed was the case with mine too as my first picture was smaller than the size shown on twitter. Though it still happens after I changed the image to a bigger one and shared to twitter again. So it is weird. I see your other posts do show the picture just fine indeed.

Ya. So i'm not sure how to fix yours. It probably has something to do with the size of images you are using but some of mine are my own photos and some of them are stock images but they both seem to work fine. Hmmm....

Yeah, I was thinking the image size too, but then using the bigger image should solve the problem. Unless the smaller one was still cached somewhere and caused the smaller thumbnail to be used again. Next time I'll post one with a thumbnail like that I'll put it bigger right away and then see what it looks like after sharing to twitter!

I'm pretty sure the smaller thumbnail was still cached and used again after I changed the picture. I made a new post, where picture used for thumbnail is much bigger to begin with. Then I shared that one to Twitter too and for this one the picture shown on twitter is of good quality! :D So I removed the shared post on twitter from the other day, as that blurry picture did not represent the quality I try to keep with my thumbnails :P

I’ll definitely look into this. I don’t use twitter much at all but any exposure is better than nothing.

Once it's set up there is no work involved so it's a great tool. If you do this and ad the "I ❤️ Steem.!!" for the group campaign it will get exposure. No more work needed and the more people that are doing this the more exposure for all of the STEEM blogs and apps. It's only a 5 minute job.