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Why we expect impossible when we already know it's not possible? If we will just rely in miracle, then we must not do something and just wait for it? What if it won't happen, there will be no new things to be done because we keep on waiting? Undeniably faith exist in our life but there is no assurance that our faith will help us all the way.

It's true that there's nothing wrong in waiting. No one will argue with that because even me believe it as well. However, what I'm telling here is to do things that can be reachable from your grasp. Don't ask for too much if you want things to happen.

Your only talent is to sing but you want to prove people that you can do dancing. Yes, we know that you can dance. The question is, does the results good when your specialty is singing? Don't think that in this world you can have it by just determination. If you'll think it deeper you'll realise that world is cruel sometimes. No matter how you dreams and how you did your best. There's no assurance that it will really happen.

No, I'm not discouraging you by my words. I just want you to think rationally. Understand and explain it to yourself that this is no other way you can have that life. Okay, this is not you wanted because you wanted that. What if it won't really happen, don't tell me you'll just stuck to it? What will happen into your life in the future? The plans you want to happen in the future? It won't happen because your hoping for a miracle even though you already know it's impossible.

A fisherman loves to do fishing with just a fishing hook. He loves what he's doing but he caught a little amount of fish that won't be enough to his family. Then he decides to do fishing through a fishing net. He caught a bigger amount of fish compare in fishing through fishing hook. The action is indeed different but they're almost the same. What's good on it is that je can provide more than enough to his family.


We thought life is unfair to us. It's unfair to think that what we love the most won't happen. We all know how painful it could be. We won't be that happy if what we love the most is not what we're doing. But if we will just broaden our mind and be open minded. We will understand that life is not that unfair. We are just giving a segway to change our way of life which will be beneficial to us.

Don't ask for a moon because there will be a way to find light. There will be a way how to make us feel heated. Instead, don't ask for it and try your best not to ask for impossible things and be contented of what you have. It's not easy but time will come that you can heartily accept it.

It's not the same but you can still be happy to it.

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