The Tron Armies Guide to Steem

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Looking around on Twitter I saw a fair amount of Tron folk interested in trying out and getting on Steem. For them and for the rest of the Tron Army(and anyone else who's interested) I thought I'd do a post to quickly bring people up to speed on what Steem is, how it works, and where we are.

Steemit ain't Steem

So first off, let's get this out of the way, Steemit is not Steem. Steemit Inc. is a private company that is the primary developer for the Steem Blockchain and was until recently, the majority stakeholder. is a web domain. The company, we assume their stake, and the domain are what was purchased. The software that powers is called Condenser and is open source. The Steem blockchain is open source.

Over the years the Steem blockchain has been the home to literally hundreds of dapps. Steemit is the biggest, but most would argue, not the best.

Technical Crap

So if you're making a free account right now and you're in the waiting period, you might be thinking that that's stupid, and you're right, it is, but there's a reason. Steem has free transactions. That's one of the key ingredients that makes this whole system work(and one of the reasons it doesn't make sense for Steem to be a Tron token, but we'll get to that later). There's a sophisticated resource and bandwidth management system that I won't go into great detail about here, but just know that it exists to allow Steem to have free transactions without wasting a ton of resources. When it comes to sign up, an artifact of this system is that there is an uncommon amount of friction in the beginning to make sure that people getting free accounts are actually people.

If you are a regular human, and you're reading this and you want to get started on Steem, tell me your preferred name and an email address and I can make you an account instantly. Any Steemian can. Again, I won't go into detail here how this works, but just know that if you know a Steemian they can skip you ahead of the line.

Resource Credits are a part of that sophisticated resource management system I was mentioning above and the only thing you need to know right off the bat is that you need a tiny bit of Steem staked to transact on the blockchain. Again, ask just about any Steemian, including me and we'll delegate you some staked Steem so that you don't have to worry about this in the beginning. It's a really tiny amount.

Where We're at and Why We Might Seem Aggro

I think that most of us here on Steem know that the outside cryptosphere doesn't think much of Steem or Steemit. Most people see us as a once promising but failed/failing project, but internally for those in the know nothing could be further from the truth.

There have been two very powerful features that everyone on Steem has literally been waiting years for.

Communities and SMT's

  • Communities

So if you draw the parallel between Steemit and Reddit, Communities are sort of like subreddits. Until now, all of Steem was like one big subreddit that encompassed every subject, every language, every everything. As you might guess, it's really hard to find content. Communities would drastically help with that by obviously grouping relevant content.
So you might be thinking, sure that's cool, but also, duh, of course you should have that it's pretty basic. You're right, but remember this is blockchain. This is Web 3.0, so what does that equal when you combine it with this idea that you're probably familiar with?

So you all aren't new to blockchain. I don't have to explain the benefit of having an autonomous account or wallet address, whatever, that you and only you own and that can't be taken from you. But here on Steem we now have autonomous COMMUNITIES that you and your community own that can't be taken from you.

Using SteemLeo as an example, SteemLeo is a Community and "Tribe"(later, let's keep this as simple as possible) focused on investing. It has its own frontend(website), it has its own ads, it has its own token, it has its own value propositions, it has its own business plan. None of these things have anything to do with Steemit. The profits this Community generates are it's own...exclusively.
If that community manages to onboard a million users, they will be the recipients of the rewards of that achievement. Contrast that with a subreddit or Facebook group, if you grow that, you now have a place where you can consume content. The centralized platform absorbs all profits. No thanks.

  • SMT's

SMT's or Smart Media Tokens have been the holy grail for Steem for years and they are currently in testnet. The code is finished and we're now in the process of squashing all the bugs to get this feature ready to launch.
SMT's will allow anyone to launch a token ON the Steem Blockchain. We currently have a token service, provided by, but those tokens run on a side chain and are provided through a centralized entity. They are extremely powerful but SMT's will be true cryptocurrencies running on the Steem Blockchain.
They will basically be Steem "like" tokens that are customizable. The applications for these tokens are through the roof. Any Steem Dapp can distribute its own sovereign token as well as Steem, and Steem Community can distribute their own token within their community. The applications are endless.

Now, with all that said and understanding the context a bit...when the first communication from Justin Sun says, in general, that Steem will become a TRON token, the current Steem will be swapped for this "new" version of Steem, and we'll work to migrate Steem Dapps to Tron, maybe you can understand a bit why people lost their shit.

No one here is interested in being a Tron token, the vast majority of stakeholders here would rather risk a contentious fork that see something like that play out. Those statements have since been walked back, but lots of people are still a bit on edge. Bare with us.

So for me, after the AMA and talking to more people, the threat level has been downgraded to orange and I'm now interested in using this opportunity to squeeze as much value out of it as possible. The truth is that a collaboration between Tron and Steem has a TON of potential. I've had a few brief affairs with Tron, I know the community is out there, but you all are scattered across Telegram groups, Twitter, Youtube, mostly consolidating around the particular Dapp you're into. On Steem, our community is all united because the backbone of Steem is social applications.

We'd love for you to come and consolidate your community here as well. You can currently go to or preference) and create a Tron Community for 3 Steem. Whether you want to make a community around your preferred Tron Dapp, or just a general Tron Community, I think there's a big opportunity for whoever is first to be the owner of the big Tron Community on Steem.

I can't think of a better way to show you the value of Steem's Community other than inviting you in and letting you experience it.

So this is my invitation to you all, I'm @midlet, one of several big mouth's here on Steem, I make art and help developers with their applications, mostly around design and UX. I'm really obsessed with UX here on Steem, it's a bit shit now, but it's getting better. Feel free to come say hi. If you're seeing this on Twitter and you don't have a Steem account and want to get started, reply with your preferred username and an email and I can make you an account instantly.

I also have a favor to ask of all of you. School us about Tron. Most people here are pretty ignorant about Tron and I've heard a lot of nonsense I personally know to be inaccurate floating around.

Why are you excited about Tron?
What Dapps are you into?
Where does your community hang out?
What's coming down the road for Tron and where do you see it going?

Looking forward to seeing both of these communities come together and mutually becoming better and stronger.

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Yeah, NO WAY SHOULD STEEM BE A TRON TOKEN. I initially bought some TRON with STEEM before the hype of the Sun/Buffet dinner that didn't push through initially. Man that was disappointing when it didn't happen. And then last month it did happen so that's good news. Anyway am still not sure if I'm happy they're here or not.

People have been shilling Steemit/STEEM on Twitter for months and now finally here's Justin Sun and his TRON people. Now what? 🤔

I'm ready to fork out - we don't need TRON scam - I'm for the original STEEM

Posted via Steemleo

I think now we make the best out of the current situation. Initial misconceptions aside, I think this is great news for both chains.

Great post, I like the summation of Steem and why it doesn’t make sense to abandon it, rather work side by side.

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  ·  last month (edited)

This is indeed and exhaustive and detailed little insight into what steem and Steemit is all about.

I must really commend the write up, arranged and explained. This will be a very good handy tool for them.

You really nailed the point on collaboration
Hope alive!

Thumbs up

Thanks a lot @cyprianj! ;)

Here is what I am expecting about this whole situation:

In resume, at some point in the future, there will be a Steem running on Tron, and a independent "classic" steem blockchain being run by part of the community, without the support of steemit Inc.

The big problem is the swap. This will force people to make a choice on Wich chain they want to be, and since most of the users are looking at monetary gains, 90% of them will probably jump to Tron.

Sad but true.

I don't see this happening for a few reasons.
Steem and Tron are VERY different. It's a big question mark whether or not you even COULD make a Steem equivalent on Tron, as I mentioned, Tron has transaction fees, that alone makes it hard to conceive how this would work and I'm sure there's a ton of other technical hurdles.
Justin Sun has already walked these comments back. Honestly Justins power is that he is a hype man, I think he said what he thought would get people excited genuinely thinking people here would be excited by that news, once he saw the opposite he walked it back. I'd bet there is no real plan in place and he just said something.
Do you actually think the Steemit team wants that? Do you think they would all just abandon this thing they've poured their heart and soul into for years? I don't think so.

I don't see this happening for a few reasons.
Steem and Tron are VERY different. It's a big question mark whether or not you even COULD make a Steem equivalent on Tron, as I mentioned, Tron has transaction fees(...)

Nope. You are wrong here my friend.

Related to transaction costs, Tron uses the same concept as steem (and eos):

What we call here 'Steem Power' they call 'Tron Power'. You stake Tron, you get the right to do a certain amount of transactions for free, based on how much is frozen.

But instead of 13 week, you can get your Tron liquid in 3 days, counting from the day you froze it.

It the same. What they don't have yet is a system to distribute a reward pool like we have here.

And since the code and the model is open source, it would be pretty easy for a team of Tron developers implement a token/contract that use the same rules of the steem blockchain.

They can't put steem to work on top of Tron, but they can copy the model.

Specially now, that steem developers can translate the code for them.

About putting heart and soul on a project, well... That's a bit romantic of your part.

At the end of the day, developers have to pay their bills, so they will comply with Tron plans or look for another job.

Uh...I think you may want to recheck just how 'the same' these two blockchains are, because they are not. Tron transactions are not free, for example.

Tron transactions work similar to Steem.

You stake steem power as 'steem power', you get "resource credits" to do transactions on steem.

You freeze TRX, you get 'tron power', Wich gives you some free bandwidth to do transactions.

You only pay for transactions on Tron if you exceed your bandwidth avaiable.

Oh, and about retreating from the earlier comments, it's probably a strategic retreat, to avoid creating unresting among the community he is trying to absorb.

So for now, he will hold his announcements until they find out how to do it with acceptable losses.

Well I'm not a fortune teller so I can't say what will absolutely happen, but if Tron can make a legit and working Steem/Tron token, honestly that's his prerogative, and even in that case, there's no need to be hostile towards Steem. He's the largest stakeholder. He can just benefit from both.

Of course he won't be hostile toward Steem and the community, because convincing us to join tron-steem is part of the objective.

But that doesn't change the fact that Tron blockchain is his priority, and there is no reason (business wise) to emply resources to support two different blockchains with different languages.

Tron-steemit will probably succeed, i have no doubt about that, and the majority of users around here will jump to it without thinking too much about it.

But for those who care about what this blockchain represents beyond the financial value and gains must be ready for the changes that will come.

And that change is no other than the gradual abandonment of the Steem blockchain by Steemic Inc./Tron Foundation.

This makes total sense. Tron needs a better forum and now Justin Sun has a tremendous way of rewarding his loyal supporters through Proof of Brain distribution. It doesn't really cost him anything as inflation is natural. My guess is Steemtron becomes the most powerful community here.

That would actually be great and prove the value of Steem that it goes beyond just Steem hodlers and is generally useful to everyone.

Good informative post

Thanks @zaibkang! :)

This is excellent.... I will Resteem and Retweet to all my 11,000 #Tron followers on Twitter.

Quite nobel of you! A huge market could open for Steem! Nice recap!

Right now the Tron community consists mainly of gamblers who talk about how to make money and little else.

There are few projects that go anywhere else, such as VibraVid, which is a music and video sharing platform with it's own token. The development leaves a lot to desire still, I've been trying to create an account for a while now without success.

I just hope the Steem community forks out and remains independent of Sun's projects. We can interact and build relationships with whatever comes out of the Steem-Tron alliance, but a solid and independent Steem community must remain.


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Very nice article,thank you for sharing.

Positive attracts positive vibes and outcome!

Bare with us.

I'm reasonably certain it should be "bear with us" rather than "bare with us" unless you would like to get nekkid with 'em which is fine too as long as everyone consents and is legal.

You're really good at writing these non-techy guides to techy things :) Have any Tronsters taken you up on the offer to make them accounts?

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