É tempo delas! Quem não gosta? 🌰

in #portugallast year

Ooooolhaaaaá Castanha assada!


Quentes e boas! 🌰


Quentinhaaaas! 🌰

A crepitar e a saltar!


E frias..?
Também são bem gostosinhas! 😄


Huuummm e agora um copinho de água pé!?
Isso é que era! 😉


Isso é que era mas ainda só apanho a 5€ o kilo

Estão caras! 😱
Estas foram oferecidas! 😁

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Bora ao rubusto em novembro 😜 ao preço que elas estão não compensa ainda comprar... De borla até são mais saborosas 😁

Até sabem a pato! 😂

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We call them Castañas :) (chestnuts)
I looooove them, nom nom... I have gone to the woods but none (too many people) still I gathered with some friends to roast some by the fire.. send me some!

Hahahaha! 😄😄
I'll send you some by carrier pigeon! 🕊
They are terribly delicious cooked by the fire! And accompanied by new wine in fermentation...
Explosive mix for the intestines! 😂

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I had some with some friends, but they had collected them... I love them, and this old posts in the streets when they give you a paper cone, nom nom!

explosive for the intestines? I may need it LOL oops what did I say! LOL
on blockchain for gods sake! LOL

sending big hugs on your way!

In Lisbon it is easy to find trolleys selling 1 dozen (12) nuts for 2 € of the typical cone made of newspaper or phone book. 🌰
Yes they are very dangerous and noisy! 🤭🤪
A huge kiss 🥰 miss you! 😘

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