Breathtaking view thanks to the sun!

in #portugal5 months ago

... this is the portuguese coast !!

I never miss my runs at the end of the day, especially on the weekend. They are usually quite short (4 to 10 km) and are another way to feel what is going on around me. Today, however, the weather was fine and I knew the morning sun would be wonderful over the local São Paio chalet, just a few kilometers from my home. So I decided to run, covering the total distance of about 5 kilometers

And when I arrived at the seaside, I was welcomed by this stunning view!

Needless to say, I had to stop and take some pictures! I was particularly happy with these magnificent views of the sea from the point of view of são paio, which means a lot to the local community, because there is evidence from our ancestors.

Anyway, today is really a bright day, thanks to the sun!
I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did, although it is already night and I feel sad for tomorrow to return to work, I lived well just walking, unfortunately this is not possible = (

I really hope everything is fine with you, I will see you soon :)