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These pics I and my wife took in the same December days back in 2010, when our baby was one and a half years old.


It would be no exaggeration to say, that our baby was raised 100% naturally all the way: from the birth without cesarean section, to the milk feeding from her mum's on-demand, when and as much as she needed it, to the keeping in close contact with her mother's body all of the time, not only during the sleeping hours. This became possible with the help of good old sling technology... I took part it that as much as possible and felt myself a happy sling-o-father, as well. We used no baby carriage at all -- except once we were traveling (and actually it turned out to be a bad experience, I regretted about it).


We accumulated a huge collection of very cool and more or less expensive sling wraps... one of them was the Christmas present to my wife (The Didymos Silver Geckos -- black and white, 5th from above in this pile).


Another Didymos sling wrap ornamented with the geckos, which I loved very much (for its colors and texture).


A 'BB Tai' baby back carrier from our collection (we used it more a bit later, when the baby became more weighty). It was beautiful for its great 'ethnic' decoration motives, and the soft textures, again.


The few pics I assorted for the portrait contest, contain the nice Didymos Nino Ruby wrap.



Now you may notice at the background our hand-made Christmas Tree, that we still use every year.


Besides it is simply beautiful, I must say -- it is 100% ecofriendly! We decorate it with candies and cookies which are being utilized each year with 100% efficiency, without any waste of resources. The design in the very 1st place was inspired by the Japanese art and the textile patches available. This great and cherished piece of art was created by our baby's Godmother @iol-art.

Highly recommended! I hope I will make some fresh pics this year and create a separate post to show it to you in its full grace.


Perhaps that is all... The last one, as a bonus: our collection is being enquired, approved and appreciated by our cat.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the pictures.


This is my entry to Portrait Contest, week #108, theme: "red".


Хорошие фото. У ребенка взгляд бизнесмена. А где wife?

хехе, интересный взгляд со стороны!
эти слова да богу бы в уши. впрочем, я не могу с вами согласиться...

вот здесь глаза видны лучше. всё ещё думаете так?


жена не вошла, да, упущение! оставлю для следующих постов,
это ж я сейчас вывесил, капля в море. этих фоток целый винчестер... (старенький и маленький, впрочем).

спасибо что зашли на огонёк.

Brilliant click

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Just beautiful!!

meowwwwwww !!

i plan to put out one more (outdoors) short slingo session, have a look if you'd like. slings are far better than baby rollers :P


welcome to the rest, in my other post (btw, you may earn come cc's if you're after it).

Saw that!

Sweet shots of the baby in the sling, when our girls were young I had a few slings and carried them that way as well so this post brought back fond memories

o-ooo! sweet, sweet. congratulations, you are a great, great dad indeed.

tsss.... I have some !BEER for you, but dont let your grannies to notice! :P

LOL I think they were more common back when mine were young a few decades ago LOL

Thanks for the !BEER

i am not totally sure what was 20 yrs ago - perhaps it depends of the certain place? but here they were nor popular neither wide-spread (10 years ago already at least well-known, recognized, adn well-accepted). but earlier on... women wearing their babies in slings, often were considered/treated as sort of poor wretched Gypsies... 'whose babies suffer from unability to have normal life' -- enough to chew on, right? attitude was changing... and happily, have changed -- not in one day.

I think a great Aunt made a couple for us that got good use by me for all four of my girls, a couple had Colic and putting them in one and walking around the block was often the only thing to settle them down even if only while walking, I did get some odd looks using them back in NZ, in the cities but not so much in more Rural areas, and in Singapore they were a lot more common

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Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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😂 The one of the cat...Jeez, they get into some spots huh? Good pictures all round.

Jeez, they get into some spots huh?

uh, I am not getting into this comment sorry for this.
what do you mean, Galen? I happily answer you.



Cats. They get themselves into some interesting spots in their travels. I noticed yours in one of your photos looking a little guilty for being there.

a! understand you now. this is a nice part, cats fill home with their anima, make all these unsuitable spots and corners more 'warm and habitated', 'settled'

I have two cats and love having them around. They make us so happy.

I have two cats and
Love having them around. They
Make us so happy.

                 - galenkp

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

a double pleasure!!!
for the last 8 years, we have only one. (unfortunately). we made some attempts, sadly they ended up with some disasters and even lethal results. my wife was traumatized, we don’t think about increasing our cat population. all hopes for our daughter that she will change politics.

Losing pets is terrible. One of ours is 22 years old so we're not looking forward to losing him, but know we must. It'll be heartbreaking.

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да, взгляд у дочурки действительно не прост))

да ну где там взгляд то! и ты туда же. . . серьёзно? только глаза еще разлеплять учится...

я видел твою дочь на фестивале) Этот взгляд и сейчас узнаваем))

я в комментах повесил еще одно фото, там -- глаза видны... жду суждений 8-)

фото классное, но я видел её глаза вживую)) Взгляд, он мимолётен и всегда характерен