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Have you chosen what is your Scary Characters for the @phctop3 October Contest? Will for me, yes, but before that let me thank @phctop3 for the wonderful and remarkable contest this is very rare for me because this is the first time since last 2017 of steeming this is my first time I have seen the creative idea and very spooky content we made for the last two years hahaha.

Anyway, I think we do back from our childhood the time that we start watching horror movies. I know everybody is hate horror but why? its just a movie not in the real world hahaha but sometimes they are real positive energy and sometimes they are using our love once faces to know that they exist.

But for me, I think when your third eye is open I think that is the time that you can see them exist. Normal people can't see them others known as positive spirits.

So here is my first Scary Character is boogeyman

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When I was a kid I love to see Hollywood movies even my family they are loved to see Hollywood movies like comedy, trailer, action, crime. There is the time that my family and friend watching boogyman man and I am so blind what the movie genre and that is my first time to watch that movie. I never thought that that movie is a horror genre so I watch. I ask my brother & sister what is that movie they just answer stop talking just keep watching. I was confused so I ask again to my friends what kind of movie is that? and they just the same answer just watch and see what happens.

So afterward when I start watching the movie I saw a little boy was afraid to see his closets. I don't know why all I know maybe the boy is sick afraid of alone of something like that. So I continue to watch the movie, I saw my brother walking at my side I never thought that he is in my back waiting to the boogyman show for his plan to scare me. And Wot! the scary face show and the loud sound in the movie and my brother shout me at the back said HAAA! hahaha I was cry and said FUCK YOU! I was scared why did you do that and all they laugh out loud of my spooky reaction. And That night I can't sleep tight for almost two nights haha I was so scared when I saw my closet I never stare and the boogyman always in my mind repeating showing his face.

My Second Scary Character is Vampire

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The worse nightmare89 I ever had to my whole life is I dream that I am a vampire. I never expect that in my dream I was a victim of the vampire But in my dreams, I act like a real vampire world. Because of one of my friend's storytelling that if you dream a vampire your will be like them. I was afraid because I was the strongest vampire clan haha here is what my dream say. We, vampires, to survive need to suck human blood. In one week I kill up to three people just to survive. If I didn't do that I would faint and die slowly. Unfortunately, we Vampires also have laws to follow. And one of these laws has caused a great change in my life. One of our Vampire laws is "We will not kill a child!" When we disobey this law the punishment will be "There will be bloodshed for us!" No one knows what kind of blood it is. Only the superiors know where that came from. Imagine how long I dream even the vampire low I dream, So I try my best to go out to the dream but I can't I don't know why I am shouting and asking for help but no one hears me because I am dreaming. All my shout out and screaming I am lucky because my brother hears me out and he keeps pushing me awake after I awake my brother asks me what happen in your dream and I hear you are sacrifice shouting and call for help. I was scared and I hug my brother and said don't leave me vampire want to take me to their place and be a vampire.

That is my worse dream ever and scary character even vampire does not exist but they exist in the dream.

My Last Scary Character is Jigsaw

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When I saw this movie I was very scared because this movie is base on a true story. I don't want to die like that slow killing our own friends and relative for the survival of our own goods. Last 2017 here in the Philippines rampant all the rape cases here in our place after they doing the rape scene they killed and throw to the sea, mountain, or bored them the same as in the movie. There is a two years old girl rape with a man raped and killed mercilessly murdered a minor age. And I saw the last part of the movie jigsaw what rapists did to the two-year-old girl. Acid poured on his face after he was raped mercilessly killed brutal murder.

This is the third most fearsome character of my life. Because not only in the movie will the killer be seen. The worst thing is that rape is a minor age too, the murderer arrest but under the law of MSWDO waiting to him too and his case is waiting for the right age to file the case to the exact age to the rapist or a murderer.

That is all my three scary character entries for the month of October initiated by @phctop3 thank you so much for the wonderful and very rare idea. Thank you and have a nice day everyone!.

I would like to thank @phctop3 for the ideal contest I am interested much with love thank you thanks for reading my articles...

Thank you


Great effort @chrismadcboy2016

We will resteem and upvote your post. Unfortunately, it's too late to enter this month's contest but we launch a new topic on the first of each month.

Our rules and FAQ's are in our discord, which you can get to Here

Hope to see you there.

The PHCTop3 panel

Greetings, @phctop3 thank you so much for the kind words. I am happy to be part of the contest and yes you can count me into the latest contest.

Great job @chrismadcboy2016

Some pretty scary stuff. Vampires are definitely a good one.

We hope to see you enter next month.


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Thank you so much @cheese4ead I am happy to see you here dropping bu sad to say that this entry wast late haha anyway I am happy because I found @phctop3 very unique writing skills.

Great picks, @chrismadcboy2016

I have never really watched a movie about the boogeyman - maybe I should.
Jigsaw scares the sh*t out of me too.

Haha, funny thing:

The worse nightmare89 I ever had to my whole life

Talking with mrnightmare89 a lot, apparenlty ;0P

Greetings, @simplymike haha that friend is my childhood we been together until we grow old. hahaha I am happy to see you dropping by thank you and have a nice day.

hahaha so you really did mentioned here, ahahaha yeah we were mike. 😂😂

Ooh, great choices! Glad you found the contest, even if it is a little late this month. It's still always just a blast to hear everyone's stories about why they chose what they did. This has been one creepy month, and your choices fit right in! My sister sounds like your brother! She scared me many times as a child, too. To this day I'm still creeped out by worms because of her. Thanks so much for sharing, and we hope to see you jump in next month!

@planstoplanks it is ok I am wailing to write what I want to write maybe next time I will make a more interesting story than this. My brother when its come watching horror movies he always at the back of the people haha because he loves to scared kids.

Wow I was scared after reading this one! Those are some scary dreams and characters! I never watched the boogeyman film and I think I'd have been mortified for life if I did!

Thanks for making this post! We take entries for the first 9 days of the month so unfortunately missed this one but we hope you join in the contest next month.

Feel free to join our Discord Server and we can chat about all things movies, games, crazy weekends etc 😀

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@nichkyhavey haha really! thank you so much I scared you haha even in my writings. I am happy to see you here dropping by and read my scary story thank you and have a nice day my friend.

Nice picks, Jigsaw sure is one scary character.

I wouldn't want to end up in one of his traps.

@rentmoney yes, the jigsaw is a very critical movie even in the reality can do. That movie is a very scary movie of my entire life. That movie is a very critical choice when it comes to a sacrifice.

That was an interesting dream you had. I too used to get vampire dreams but they were not bad at all.

Great choices! Happy that you found the contest and I hope that you join in the next month's as well.

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I am afraid to be one of them haha because I don't what to be a nightwalker @foxyspirit thank you so much for dropping by and have a nice day.

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