Inhumanity, Eugenocide, and You.

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In the last week I have been having horrible nightmares, as I have slowly been stripped of false beliefs by my subconscious. In my recent Mustang series of posts, I touched on the fact that by endocrine disruption chemical castration of Homo sapiens is ongoing, and increasing in rapidity. These aren't words that are easy to grasp intellectually and viscerally, in comfort. It's neither hyperbole to call it genocide.

Last night in my fatigue I again tried to sleep, and succeeded but in fits and starts, and in that discomfitive state had a dream that jolted me awake, banishing the possibility of sleep in a cold, sweaty terrible realization.

Since 1973 by the introduction of endocrine disrupting chemicals, men in the West have been reduced in testosterone by over 60%. Worse, the rate of loss of testosterone is increasing today, and there is no effort by any government to change that. Instead we see Western governments easing the transition to utter feminization of males by ruthlessly suppressing any suggestion that there is value in masculinity. Transgender individuals are being infiltrated into women's sports, bathrooms, and little boys are being indoctrinated in public schools to the effect that they should menstruate, how sodomy should be committed, and medical professionals are being employed to deliberately and specifically treat boys with pharmaceuticals to feminize them more effectively.

IMG source - /pol/ How to Tip Transexual Strippers for Preteens Now Official Kindergarten Curriculum in California

People are being arrested and held in prison for the crime of pointing out this lawfare against men. They are being fired from their jobs if they state complaints about transgenders using the bathrooms, and in their sentencing statements judges are reviling such complaints as unsuitable for civilized society. On every front, at every scale, institutions of government in the West today are increasingly criminalizing masculinity, and promoting feminization of men.

This is the ubiquitous fact across the West today. It isn't confined to socialist or capitalist nations, or language families. A few countries drag their feet, but international and extranational institutions like the EU, UN, and transnational corporations are punishing them financially, socially, and, in all due likelihood, militarily, as the horror of the reality taking hold is going to soon cause a backlash of people intent on not being eradicated as a species.

That is the response being undertaken today to the chemical castration of all men in the free world. I have resisted understanding what this meant with my conscious mind because of it's further implications: humanity is literally undergoing genocide through covert means, and every government in the free world is taking action to facilitate that extinction of Homo sapiens. H. sapiens is dead. Long live H. vulgaris.

The castration of all men ends the ability of all women to breed naturally just as much as it does the men. Women cannot remain human without human men. The rapid pace of the chemical alteration of human sexuality accompanied by the ubiquitous institutional imposition of feminization in every government of the West cannot be accidental. It is such a substantial affect, and continuing to increase in the rate of affect, while the slippery slope to genocide is being lubricated by deliberate institutional policies, that only in my dreams was I able to confront the horrible reality.

Humanity is being extinguished on purpose today. You are living through the extinction of your species, not by means we know to be natural (death of entire nations and peoples by causes like war, famine, and plague), but by the eradication of the ability of the species to propagate sexually as it has in the past, to interact in the normal course of it's sexual behaviour.

Lake Apopka in Louisiana was perhaps a test bed for the technique, using alligators. Massive doses of endocrine disrupting chemicals were introduced into the lake and as far back as the 1980s the feminization of alligator bulls to the point that their penises were too small to inseminate the females was documented.


Today, Swiss men on average have penises ~1/2" shorter than previous generations. Between 1990 and 2010 the incidence of homosexuality in the USA doubled. The statistics are dire, revealing gross sexual alteration of humanity by medical disruption of our breeding behaviour, and no government has ever undertaken, anywhere in the world, effective action to slow, prevent, or reduce that process.

Not even once.

Instead, when health activists protest and reveal specific vectors for harm, like has happened for BPA, industry introduces alternatives that are actually more endocrine disrupting than BPA, and it will take decades of study and political activism to tackle those new castration vectors. These sexual poisons are in all our personal hygiene products, the pipes that carry our drinking water in our homes, and almost every food package in the agricultural industry and on our store shelves.

Given the rate of reduction in testosterone, even were it not increasing in rapidity, two more decades will see testosterone ~10% of natural levels. That will be too late.

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They are sprayed on our food as pesticides, soaked into the soil our food is grown in as herbicides, and the seeds our food is grown from doused in them as fungicides. The industrial introductions of endocrine disrupting hormones are being coordinated across all industries, and additional vectors of these poisons are being added every day.

From the perspective of the New World Order hegemons undertaking this operation, the late George H.W. Bush spoke on their behalf of the 'kinder, gentler' genocide ongoing to their benefit. These hegemons and their sons are aware of the poisons, and it is trivial to avoid them with their resources. Instead of PVC and CPVC water pipes, they have copper water pipes. You can't afford them.

Instead of food soaked in poisons, they have organic farm to table pipelines for their fare. You can't afford it. They have glass, steel, and ceramic cookware and utensils, while you can only afford the inexpensive plastic.

When lesser men have been feminized, a few decades from now, they and their sons will be the only fertile males on the planet, nursed on the royal jelly of their privilege, and the human species will no longer be extant as it evolved in the wild. We, natural humanity, will be functionally extinct, unable to breed, and behaviourally altered deliberately to facilitate this extinction by indoctrination and propaganda psychological ops, including forced captivity for those that do not satisfactorily comply with this genocide.

As I pointed out earlier, people are already being thrown in prison for failing to comply. It's going to get worse, and inhuman pogroms that have scarred human history will all too likely begin as well, to eradicate those feral Mustangs that would threaten the hegemony and complete exclusive possession of the right and ability to breed of the royal select.

Men, if you breed, you will be killed, along with your sons. Women, you will, along with your homosexual and transgendered formerly male cohorts, either serve the royalty at their whim, or your fate will be sealed; forever barren and childless, scorned and spurned by a society being created to deify an elite breeding class of overlords.

This is the nightmare future that I desperately struggled to prevent seeing in my dreams by not sleeping for the last week, only to wake drenched in cold sweat after a fitful hour of horrific dreams this morning.

Humanity has always been a species on the verge, the edge, the cusp of transition. We are not fully aquatic, but are demonstrably semi-aquatic. We are not fully eusocial, but, like some bees and wasps where the workers breed, partially eusocial. Now, they are pushing us fully into eusociality, like honeybees whose only breeding is done by the solitary queen and a few male drones. Except there will be a class of fertile male kings, and all females and the rest of the males will provide sexual services for that royalty. They don't even have to kill us to make our species extinct. They just have to replace us with feminized drones and cupiditous breeders.

For God's sake, convince me I'm wrong. Prove to me it's just a silly nightmare, pat me on the back, and let me sleep in peace tonight. Please.

Edit: I slept like a baby last night after I made this post. The raging denial in my mind apparently was the source of my discomfort, not the horrific reality we suffer. Today I face this future well rested, and at peace despite the certainty of my defeat at the hands of torturers.

We all die. I have been tortured, held in captivity as a slave, and been defeated on every front already. Until I die, I will live as I will, though in chains, and stripped of my living skin. This is the lesson of defeat: the will is the true Captain of the self, though power and violence can destroy the body and end life, the fate of death cannot be avoided, and is irrelevant.

Do not fear those that can kill only the body. It is the seductive whispers of the demons that seek your submission that are truly terrible. Be the master of your fate. Be indomitable where it matters, in your heart.


While I agree that the motives of the ruling class may be consistent with your theory, and has been throughout history, I question both their level of competence and their ability to keep this conspiracy a secret. About a decade ago I discovered a saying that goes something like "never attribute malice to that which can easily be explained by incompetence." I have very little respect for those that hold power. I don't believe that the chemical castration you're describing is anything other than lack of foresight and carelessness. They're just not as formidable as they imagine.

Even if this conspiracy is real and they have been able to keep it a secret somehow, I don't think they have any chance of success because of their complete and utter idiocy. I think it's more likely that they will breed themselves (or lack thereof) out of existence than they will wholesale succeed in suppressing the evolutionarily imparted drivers to procreate in the rest of humanity.

Come to think of it, such an effort would serve to massively strengthen the procreative drive, because only the most testosterone-infused among us would breed. Women would flock to these men. The next generation, which is an inevitability barring some great catastrophe, will result in an even more hypersexual and unruly class of human. In short, it would blow up in their faces.

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only the most testosterone-infused among us would breed. Women would flock to these men.

Steemworld said I was mentioned in a post :)

Indeed, while I did not discuss it in the OP, governments of the West are importing millions of immigrants from countries least developed and infused with testosterone suppressing chemicals. An incessant and strident complaint of many laments the increasing result you predict exactly, which is derogated by official government and enemedia propaganda as nothing but virulent racism.

This importation has the result of afflicting those immigrants and their issue with the chemical castratants, amongst various benefits to the ruling class, including fostering ever widening division of society that increases it's susceptibility to despotic tyrants.

While Trump was primarily elected by concerns about illegal immigration (at least in the minds of many rust belt voters), today that importation of immigrants is higher than ever in the history of the US. The proposed wall is as unnecessary to exclude immigrants as it is necessary to tyranny. Military incursions might be prevented by a wall, but as we see from history, walls do prevent escaping despotic totalitarian oppression.

Immigrants are easily discouraged with enforcement of laws against availing them the blessings they seek, of employment, licenses, and so forth, yet we see those blessings being increasingly provided to them today in the US, which no wall will affect.


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Nice post! I think when it comes to gay and transgender people, there' is and has been an organic occurrence of these traits. That is to say that, it's not necessarily induced via chemical warfare, propaganda, and culture creation.

However, presently, there is no doubt in my mind that chemical warfare, propaganda, culture creation, and indoctrination from a very young age are artificially leading children to make radical life-altering decisions.

So the number is highlighted, promoted, and focused on to make the phenomenon trendy among persons who without prodding would've made decisions based on what their biology was telling them vs. the hormone disruptors, education system, and television propaganda.

Everything has become a game now, about who can become the most unique flower in a world of identity politics so that they may remain "relevant" in society. Even then, I can only assume that such relevance after and an individual receives their 15 minutes of fame, leaves them feeling hollow and obsolete.

If the state had their way, it'd be illegal to grow a baby outside of a bag in some state-run people farming facility. I've no doubt that's the ends to which they pursue, whether or not they achieve their goal is another story entirely. Revolutions often stymie well-laid plans for world domination.

In all species there are flaws replicating DNA, producing mutations, and this includes mutations that produce sexual dysfunctions, such as hermaphrodism and other reproductive errors that include homosexuality, which strongly resists heritability, and is therefore very rare in nature.

However, between 1990 and 2010 the incidence on homosexuality in America doubled. Given the extremity of the unlikelihood of inheriting the trait, that rise in homosexuality could only be due to endocrine disruption and powerful psychological manipulation. The extraordinary decrease in testosterone during that time has deranged many individuals biological behaviours and their phenotypic fitness.

Those that have caused this existential harm to those people also harm their families, and commit the most extreme crime against humanity, and those that encourage it aid and abet them. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of just law and sentenced to the most substantial penalties possible for the ongoing genocide they are executing. I believe they should be hanged.

Given the likely scenario sought by the filth that have betrayed their own species by committing these crimes against innocent babies, a deified royalty solely empowered to breed, and the hypersexual nature of our species, I reckon they'd prefer those wombs walking around on two legs, with the state relegated to merely enforcing their whims and deploying gangs of murderous thugs to do so.

If I'm right, they will use the state as did the Bolsheviks, to eliminate everyone they have no use for, and particularly those men that remain fertile and free. The degradation of our natural reproductive ability is nearly complete already. I don't think two more decades will be necessary to almost completely suppress natural breeding behaviour, and note the fever pitch of societal division that presages war today.

If there's going to be a revolution that prevents this genocide and alteration of humanity into a caste of drones incapable of reproduction, hypersexualized females used at will, and the deified breeding royalty that possesses all wealth and power, there isn't much time left for it to strike before those that could undertake it become the targets of pogroms and genocidal war.

Violence and war are unlikely to be successful in preventing that transition and restoration of normal environmental conditions that enable natural reproductive behaviour. A better goal would be means of sequestering endocrine disrupting chemicals, and functional treatment to restore normal testosterone levels, followed by continued development and dispersal of individual means of production enabling nominal security from gangs of thugs. This would obviate the entirety of the plan while putting the functioning of society least at risk.

While organized military action is entirely capable of utter genocide, and psychopaths that undertake to extinguish humanity more than willing to deploy that capability for the purpose, the military personnel that would be needed to carry out that genocide will be far less willing to do so if there is not active military hostilities being prosecuted.

Indeed, if they grasp the plan afoot they are being encouraged to enable, and that the prospective victims are guilty only of curing the pharmaceutically induced medical harm that has been committed against them, that revolution may well be unstoppable and carried out by the military personnel themselves. Banksters can't shoot the nukes themselves. They need the professional military to do that, and the best means of preventing the successful extinction of humanity is to enable the military to cure themselves and grasp who has done them the harm.

Do have a wonderful Christmas my friend!

We live in interesting times, it should be either
interesting and or terrifying to see how all the
things and stuff play out. Happy holidays VC!

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This has been bothering me for years. It is the true red pill. I mentioned to you the saying someone else came up with not long ago.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

They have created an artificial environment in the "civilized" (using that term with disdain) world, which further weakens male resolve to be a human doing, placating most into being a human being. Being a human being is a female role as their value comes from existing as they are the role that continues the species. Men's value comes from doing, the value he brings through action to human beings and society. The dynamic has not only been attacked through chemicals, but by masking this simple truth. By being a human doing, men have often been considered the expendable cog in the wheel, as it has enabled the human beings (women and children) a better chance at survival and growth.

The part I am curious to see is the role the influx of men who have not been castrated to various degrees who emigrate in have as their stronger ability as a doer will make them alpha dogs in a bubble of confused and weakened men. This of course excludes the role the larger groups of human doings outside the nations in question may play as the weakness grows stronger and they decide to conquer.

Glad to see you covering this. It isn't talked of enough, even in the red pill circles. Even there, most of the men confuse being a man with being a slave to their genitalia.

You bring up a good point, that millions of uncastrated immigrants are currently being imported into nations chemically castrated. This castration is undertaken by the infrastructure that the countries sending emigrants lack, and those immigrants are then subjected to it upon eating the tainted food, living in homes tainting the water, and infused with solvents and glues that are vectors for the poisons.

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