Nine reasons to avoid the coming flu shot; be very concerned my friend!

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This does NOT address the Constitutional problems with a federally 'required' flu shot; but they have done a good job addressing the medical risks of these flu shots.

Natural news is one site I trust 100%; and that have done a professional job on ful vaccines:

It raises your risk of Alzheimer’s.
It contains a known neurotoxin.
Flu shots can make future flu versions stronger.
Flu shots are designed to make money rather than help people.
It could cause narcolepsy.
You could shed the flu virus and pass it to other people.
It contains antibiotics.
It increases neonatal deaths.
It might not even protect against flu.

So read this article carefully, they are very reliable!

Getting the flu is no fun, but getting the flu shot could be even worse. Work on keeping your immunity up through a well-balanced diet and wash your hands frequently during flu season to avoid getting ill instead of taking on all the risks of the flu shot – which may not even end up protecting you anyway!

These are all good reasons, and the ultimate reason is that our government does NOT have the Constitutional authority to require masks of private citizens!
The chronavirus data has Never supported the level of invasive government policies that they are pushing today; where the policies are more damaging to us than the chronavirus itself!

So, scream at your Representatives, and keep the tar and feathers handy


Bring back the tar and feathering lol.

Some aren't worth the effort of tar and feathers...those we just need to hang with an old rope!