The end of liberty

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When I think of the US I no longer look forward to my day. I hate waking up here knowing that a battle for my identity is going on, and that everyone will play into it because they are nothing more than herd animals at best. I know that I am not valued in society and that as racist and ignorant as President Trump is, the Democrats are the ones who seek to steal my humanity and use me for slave labor.

I know that liberty is dead here and what I am witnessing is the last throes of what was once the greatest nation in the world. A part of me is happy because finally those who looked down their noses at me for my felony will feel the shackles I I’ve felt for all these years. They’ll feel what it is like to be free and have it stolen from them, with public consent, of course- as I have. They’ll finally understand that skin color is only skin deep and that we are all equally worthless meat puppets to the rich politicians.

I watch the divide increase every day, more and more and as much as I want to watch it burn, I want to look away. The arrogance and racism on full display as of late is like nothing this country has ever seen before. It is like a shitty graphic novel playing out in real life. And I’m tired of it. This was meant to be a distraction and it has gone on much longer than ever before, while our economy is finished off and the people are robbed blind. You all played into it. Everyone is guilty, myself included.

I’m at my limit lately and I have to detach from society. I don’t go fishing. I don’t go shopping. I don’t go out to eat. I stay home because I don’t want you to talk to me. I don’t want to hear you talking. I don’t want to see the tv in the restaurant. I don’t want to hear any more about it.

Here is an example why: I was looking at a post about a birthday party in Facebook, and as I scrolled down I made a mistake and touched the screen too hard and got to see this epic conversation berating this man for exercising his free speech. Any attempts to reason were met with feigned outrage from both sides. But more than that I saw the new norm, blatant racism under the banner of the super loving, ever tolerant left wing.

To make my point clearer, I am neither a left or right wing advocate. I am just me. People have always applied a label to me, regardless of my assertion that they’re all idiots.

That being said...There is nothing more racist than the immediate assumption that when a man who is not white is exercising his free speech in a way that counters a narrative of the American political left, that he is weak minded and unable to form his own opinions. The mere use of the words “colonized mind” is by the definition given to us by the left, violent in nature, as it attempts to deprive the individual of his his humanity and ethnicity- by the decree of a white man, that this black man is a slave; in an attempt to control the voice, body and mind of that man for the personal gain of the white liberal.


This is par for the course for the racist liberal left to tell people of color “let me think for you, you aren’t capable” as if we need them to make all our decisions and think for us, or as if we would agree with them that we are intellectually and genetically inferior to them and need them to take care of us. And what happens when we tell them we don’t appreciate their racist assumptions that we cannot think independently? They try to remove our ethnicity yet again and call us things like “uncle ruckus” (an appropriated term) and “disowned Cuban” in their attempt to subjugate and control us, so that we cannot stand on our own. This is their new plantation.


They cannot get away with burning us at the stake and throwing us in spiked pits anymore so they try to steal away our unique human identifiers. If we are bullied into depression, silence or suicide they will rule over this country again. The last time ended in concentration camps and people of color being kept in cages under the guise of “national security.” The president the left idolizes most is FDR, who said “I’ll have those n****rs voting Democratic for 200 years.” This is the president who jailed people based on ethnicity alone. This is the president who is the very reason we now limit the presidency to two terms.


This is my experience...the most racist people in this country are white liberals. I won’t be their victim again. I will just be a “Cuban sellout” for not letting them speak for me and not complying with their demands.



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