The Chinese Big Brother is here. Will the US be next?

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I cannot believe these crazy guys. When you think the world was already mad enough, humans invent new stuff to shock us.

The Chinese social credit system has been given an unequivocally negative reception by the media in the west. Set to be rolled out nationwide in 2020, the system has even been described by one journalist as China’s “most ambitious project in social engineering since the Cultural Revolution”.

Once the system is fully implemented, Chinese citizens will be given a social credit score based on their deeds. For example, failure to pay a court bill or playing loud music in public may cause a low score. This score can dictate what rights people have. Those on the “blacklist” are prevented from buying plane or train tickets, for instance, as well as working as civil servants or in certain industries.

Are these idiots for real? Removing people’s freedoms for this kind of thing? Only in China. For now. Soon in America, if people don't wake the fuck up. And then the rest of the world will follow.


Big Data and facial recognition technology will be applied for the purpose of monitoring citizens

This is why privacy is important. The governments can track every move you make nowadays. The public think it's normal. The politics justify it by saying it protects the people.

The people I spoke to seemed less concerned about giving up some privacy if it meant a significantly higher degree of security and certainty. And a lot of the people I spoke to perceived the new social credit system as a national project to boost public morality through fighting fraud and crime and combating what is currently seen as a nationwide crisis of trust.

And if the people aren't on board, the governments create a false flag "terrorist attack" and another and another, until people accept these restrictions of freedom as being normal.

If you are one of those people who think the Patriot Act is justified, then I'm afraid you have already been brainwashed by politics, TV and organised religion.

If you were distracted by the Democrats and Republicans fighting each other with the feeble impeachment hearing, you might not have realised the two parties are not that different. While they distract you with such moronic topics, they work together to remove your freedoms. In these cases, Democrats and Republicans are never on opposite sides. Are they? Don't you find that a little strange?

House Democrats have slipped an unqualified renewal of the draconian PATRIOT Act into an emergency funding bill – voting near-unanimously for sweeping surveillance carte blanche that was the basis for the notorious NSA program.


A three-month reauthorization of the notorious PATRIOT Act was shoehorned into a last-minute continuing resolution (CR) funding the US government, bundling measures needed to avert yet another government shutdown with a continuation of the wildly-intrusive surveillance powers passed after the 9/11 terror attacks. Democrats voted almost unanimously for it, granting the far-reaching surveillance capabilities to the very same president they’re trying to impeach.

A roll-call vote on the bill was split exactly along party lines, with all 230 Democrats standing up for unconstitutional mass surveillance – including progressives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), who spoke out against it earlier. Two other Democrats opted not to vote, but not a single representative dared oppose party groupthink.

Despite the contrarian stance of the “Squad” and other outspoken #Resisters against President Donald Trump, House Democrats have largely gone along with Republicans in giving the president all the money he wants to wage war. Just 16 Democrats voted against the near-record ‘defense’ budget in July, a bloated $1.48 trillion over two years that dwarfs US defense spending at the height of the wars in Korea and Vietnam and gives the Pentagon more money than the rest of government combined.

Open your eyes. Democrats and Republicans, Left and Right, Liberals and Conservatives. That's all a big pack of lies and bulshit to distract you from their real intentions.

There is no Left vs Right. There are only Politicians and Businessman against the Common People.

Only when humanity stops falling for the fallacies of the Left vs Right arguments and start working together to get these fascists out of the governments, humanity will be really free.

We've got to take the power back.


Without passing a criminal record check, for the majority of jobs which require it, one will not get hired in the North America. In the USA convicted convicts loose their voting rights, as well, by my understanding.

The only difference, in my opinion, between China and the USA is that China calls it for what it is... a one party system, while the USA still plays red tie - blue tie.

In the USA convicted convicts loose their voting rights, as well, by my understanding.

Depends on the state.

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