Bitcoin Patriots VS Bitcoin Moonbois

in #politicslast year

I have a confession to make: the first time I bought Bitcoin, I bought it with the expectation of getting more FIAT money out of my investment.

After researching more on Cryptocurrencies and the point of it all, I have been slowly changing my mind. Now I understand that the goal of Bitcoin is to free us from the current Political and Economical Prison we are in. Now I don't panic much when Bitcoin crashes down because, at the end of the day, that's just FIAT money. And that's not the point of it. Not for me, anyway. Not anymore.

If you search YouTube for Crypto, Bitcoin and Altcoins, you will understand one thing: most of the space is invaded with traders looking to get more FIAT money in a short time.

There are very few YouTube authors who get the point of Cryptocurrencies and want them to succeed. Crypto Daily is one of them. In this video, you can see that his mindset is on the opposite side of the camp of nearly all the Fundamental and Technical Analysts out there.

I suggest you watch his videos with an unbiased mind.

There are three points he makes on this video and they make perfect sense, once you hear out his arguments:

Why Starbucks accepting Bitcoin is a bad idea.

The seemingly diametrically opposed dualities of the crypto investor are not only reconcilable one with another but, to take it a step further, intentional by a very smart individual or group: Satoshi Nakamoto.

Facebook's Libra and State Backed Cryptocurrencies could back fire against central banks and governments, making more people take Bitcoin more seriously.

Please watch the video to understand these statements.

Moving on. Yes, this person gets it. The point of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology is to liberate us from the Central Bankers and the Politicians controlling our lives and every move we take. Buying Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to sell them higher, so that you can store even more money at the centralised banks is against your interest, if your interest is Freedom.

If you do that, then you don't want to be free. You enjoy the Political and Economical system locking you down, tracking you, controlling you. Even if you say otherwise. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

If you are a Moonboi, don't take this the wrong way. I don't blame you. I thank you.

If you don't care about being free and are a perfectly happy slave to the system, by all means, keep using Bitcoin with the goal of having more FIAT and put it all on a centralised bank.

The rest of us thank you that you and your legion of Moonbois are helping us spread the word of Bitcoin. We could never succeed without you.

Now I leave with an appropriate song.

We are with you
On this vicious, oh
Fight, fighting for freedom
United, we stand, we stand

We are a legion
Voice of anarchy
This is revolution
Creating new disorder

Lyrics by Angela Gossow


You can definitely put me in the Bitcoin Patriot camp. The only crypto ever converted, by me, to fiat was 1 BTC which was caught in a spike when helping to build a sell wall in 2015. Shit happens. Some BTC was traded for STEEM for my Dophinhood... but STEEM ain't fiat, right? 😎

That's good. I admit I am still halfway there. There is a bit of a Moonboi in me that needs to be purged. I will get there.

That was a great video, indeed. I never thought of things in that perspective... but his points are valid. I will follow this guy from now on.

Thanks for sharing!

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