The Biden administration is going to trigger white nats again.

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In the last few weeks there have been certain high profile attacks in this country such as the King sooper shooting and the car attack on the capitol. The media and blue check marks instantly assumed it was a white nationalist. I think most everyone at this point knows what is going on, as Charles Barkeley called it out; The political classes are intentionally trying to start a race war.

There is one thing the pandemic should be obvious. The more we print off money, the more tax revenue the government should be able to collect. What strangely hasn't happened yet is an insane rate of inflation. In theory, that should make balancing the budget even easier.

Nonetheless, the Biden administration plans to increase the corporate tax levels and minimum corporate tax levels to fund all the pork that he wants, including the green new deal embedded in the infrastructure bill. Now this does create a controversy because every nation wants, to some degree, the benefit of corporations. But just like the USA doesn't want their citizens to freely and voluntarily renounce their citizenship, they don't want their corporations leaving for more profitable venture. In anotherwords, the Biden administration political ambitions means we will be unable to compete, and they dislike the idea that countries [likely only the highly socialist and communist ones] are seeing decreased tax revenues.

So they decide to Use Janet Yellen to push for a Global tax system. A tax system where ultimately we the people have no say in, and certainly a tax system that will be used to force particularly vulnerable nations into meeting the demands of superior nations. If a company decides they had enough of their taxes paying the USA fighting all these wars killing innocent people, they will soon learn there is no escape from that sin. The USA has abused its hegemonic powers for too long, but because we failed miserable at trade there is serious doubt as to if we are even a hegemonic power any more. If the United states thinks it can bully other states into compliance, they may soon discover that China and its allies are deciding our policies.

There are two reasons for advancing a global tax. One may be the obvious that the United states is quickly becoming a failed state that is drowning in unsustainable debt. The other is that we are effectively handing our sovereignty and a great deal of our own economic power to foreign interest. The latter of which, if it isn't thematic about the left now, is fueling global communism. Notice that taxing imports isn't on the table to save American Jobs or tax revenue; also notice the Biden plan to restore manufacturing is effectively the solyndra like failed policies of huge taxpayer subsidies and chosen oligarchs at the taxpayer expense to compete against Chinese slave labour; China gets a free ride, while we exhaust all our resources trying to compete against them.

The one pushing a global tax is, as previously mentioned, Janet Yellen, who has been advertised to us as Jewish. And so it reinforces the stereotype about the Jews and global communism, and I am quite sure that Janet Yellen is quite aware of that as she advances these policies. Presidents are known to spend big money for polling for optics, they will find the best political advisors that represents their schools of thought. Even if Biden is merely a marionette, there are of course the controllers in the shadows who are aware of the implication. It is no accident that Janet Yellen is being used to advance these unamerican communists policies. While arguments can be made against it on principal, the white nats will focus just on her being Jewish and use it as confirmation bias about them being right about the joooos. For the people who try to talk white nats out of their delusions; what can you really do when these things happen.
As happens to usually be the case with the "jewish" communists they focus on, their targets usually do not practice the tenants of Judaism; it is usually worn as a shield to mask criticism. Such appears to be the Case of Janet Yellen who grew up in a non-observant Jewish household. . But the white nats won't really care that she's not a practicing jew, they will focus on whether she was ethnically jewish. I think the forward article makes it clear, that not even her parents observed Judaism.

It may call into question for how many generations were they removed from being observant Jews. Absent a deep dig, I don't know. The maternal lineage goes back to new York according to geni;I wouldn't recommend geni as an auhority-only for potential direction. . When the chinese moved to new york, certain Jewish populations accepted eating their pork wonton thinking it was ok because the pork was hidden which substantially undermines any claim to religious sincerity. .

While I think it is possible to return a white nat to normal thinking, it is increasingly becoming difficult with the return of the communists and their pawns pretending to be Jews. Charles Barkeley is right that we are being set up for a race war; the more impossible the task seems to be, the greater importance to try to redeem those we can. But at some point, deprogramming them will have to be a specialized organized effort because it will just take too much time and energy to focus on specific details.

Mike Lindell released a new video Lately called scientific proof. I posted a while ago that I disagreed with Dr. Shiva's argument, but the statistical analysis perform by physicist Douglas Frank describes the mechanism to near impossible precision. I don't have the knowledge to know what acceptable r or r squared values would be normal for analysis, his his were all .999 and even 1.0 in every county using rather simple polynomial equations and census data which is literally too perfect. It definitely points to very sophisticated fraud with access to a lot of information. If possible, the sooner this election can be reversed, and the communists deported from office, the better. .

I've said for quite a while that the Biden administration is trying to create a white nat to act extremely violently, and we seen time and time again the left is literally drooling over the prospect and the opportunity to take away the second amendment. Really the best thing that could happen for this country would be to see Trump back in office with some America First Jews appointed to leadership positions, and undermine completely both the left and the white nats before the s___ hits the fan.

There are indications that the International community doesn't like the idea of a global tax. Also for other nations to enforce this, the US Senate would have to ratify any treaties. The US doesn't like ratifying treaties that could undermine its sovereignty.


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