3 reported hunter Biden drive contents, include bio-weapon plan, Ukrainian deal , s3x and pedo videos, President Xi's US investments

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It Seems Hunter Biden may be part of a satanic pedo ring after all; no wonder NBC news wanted Trump to Denounce whatever the hell QAnon is and their "conspiracies". This may be substantial to show what Trump knows and doesn't know about the hard drives that have been released.

The following and more is learned from a transcription of a news story in Chinese that took place weeks prior to Rudy Giuliani Coming forward about obtaining the Hard Drive from a repair Shop. I am not sure how many Hard drives Team Trump has, at the moment it sounds like there is one originating from Hunter's laptop. It is possible 3 different individuals may have a drive or may be the originating leakers; Jiang Zemin, Zeng Quighong, and Meng Jianzhu reportedly "made a move". There are a total of 3 hard drives. In addition to the whistle blower group mailing the hard drive to the DOJ who decided to protect Hunter Biden, the CCP also sent a copy of the hard drive to house speaker Nancy Pelosi. Reportedly the CCP sent her the mailing to say you must win because we have your secrets, and if Biden does win that China still is in possession of their secrets. There is a second hard drive that includes President Xi's US holdings. The third drive is described only as containing a bio-weapon plan. Naturally, I would think Covid19 but it could be something else. Additionally, the Chinese could expect how the US would respond because the Rockefeller institute spelled it out some 10 years ago.

The Youtube video was a translation on September 30th airing a video from Sept 24th.

source : 秘密翻译组G-Translators

Some other notes:
They report the existance of a sex tape.
they also report there are pedo videos on Hunter Biden's drive
Hunter biden entered into a $4.5 billion dollar deal with the China and the Ukraine.
He also entered into another deal with a Chinese businessmen.
China then disappeared both Chinese businessmen.
The files also include the agreement with the ukraine gas company
Hunter's drive was also send to house speaker Nancy Pelosi during the DNC convention to send a message that Biden must win, else they will release it. And if they do win, the CCP still has their secrets. (not sure I buy that claim)
The CCP is planning to control their 1.4 billion people, the UN, and the USA
Michael Bloomberg is also implicated but no details given

Anyways, remember that the US media is dependent on Chicom money-especially ABC/Disney.

Remember as Hunter was caught with a meth pipe smoking crack, His Daddy was working to send people to life (30 years) in prison for possession thereof.


It wasn't clear what the p3do tapes were or how they got there. Reportedly, the laptop went from Hunter, to possibly someone else, to the repair shop narriive,a set of chinese dissidents who may or may not be that repair shop owner, to steve Bannon, to Rudy. Hunter could try to plead equal access as a defense. However, as the video says Hunter was treating the Chines people badly, and the infowars translation, for what it is worth claim, they are tapes if Hunter himself in those pedo videos messing with Chinese children. If the infowars translation is true and the drives do contain such material, obviously the equal access defense is gone. At best the Bidens would have to plead deep fakes, and the videos would somewhat collaborate past reports about Hunter trafficking women as prostitutes-only those reports didn't indicate they were children-both here [ https://apnews.com/article/71369b3f0f154fe0b8ec6db7dca57c42 ] and abroad [ https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/sep/24/hunter-bidens-network-wealthy-corrupt-foreigners-s/ ]. Creepy Joe and Pedo Joe Biden are an inherited trait, I feel bad for all his kids [all over the globe] who may grow up fearing that they might become like their daddy and grandpa.


It is interesting to see German owned newspaper U.S. Business insider and others continue to spread a Russian spin to it. I mean, it sounds like the Bidens can f___ all the kids that they want and still be a virgin while the media will spin it so Republicans are the bad guys for other reasons.


I eagerly await learning what is truly on the second hard drive, I think we ought to know the extent in which China controls us. US business insider is owned by Axel Springer SE, whose CEO is reportedly anti-china. see https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/we-should-heed-the-world-s-warnings-about-china. Apparently his New York office doesn't have a similar viewpoint, nor did they seem to have high standards when it came to hiring Sonam Sheth; She was an economics major with a political science minor. For New York wages they could have hired an attorney for less money. I am not saying a lawyer would be better; they might be worse.

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