Refusal To Formally Withdraw Extradition Bill Only Fuels Discontent

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There has been a great deal of protest in Hong Kong over the controversial extradition bill that the government has since tabled in response to the growing criticism from the people.

One of the demands that the people have is that they want the bill to be thrown out completely. The government has refused to give in to that demand and they seem more than willing to endure a great deal of public discontent rather than make the simple move to trash the bill.

As the head of one police watchdog has recently pointed out, withdrawing the bill would help to soothe that frustration that many are feeling. Why is it such a difficult task to complete? After all, we can all clearly see that there are many thousands of people in the region who are against it and who would celebrate the formal removal of the legislation.

It's a small price to pay to try and satisfy those who are angry with the current state of affairs. And, you have to ask yourself, if the government has already pushed the bill to the side and insisted that they wouldn't bring it up again then why not put actions to those words and formally end much of the concern over it?

"If We Burn, You Burn With Us"

That's the slogan that has been increasingly perpetuated. Hundreds of thousands have been taking part in these demonstrations, how many must take part before the government might think it a good idea to satisfy what they want and formally toss that controversial bill? Get on with it already and show the people that you can at least pretend to make yourselves useful.

Numerous reports suggest that the Chinese military might intervene if things don't let up soon and it wouldn't be the first time that they've sought to pursue a shameful display of force against the people. Some media outlets have alleged, that those protesting in the streets and airports in Hong Kong etc, are looking for "self-destruction," as if they are incapable of comprehending what it means to formally toss the extradition bill that everyone is so upset about.


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Prime example of all politicians and governments are joke.

by nature 😂😄