Operation Haircut: Barbers Defy Stay-At-Home Orders To Give Free Cuts

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Protesters in Michigan were ticketed after they gathered at the Capitol to give out free cutting services recently.

At least 7 barbers and stylists were ticketed by the police for violating the stay at home orders in the region, you can see some in the image above giving out cuts to any willing passerby.

Those who have been ticketed could face hundreds of dollars in fines and several days in jail.

That is for giving out haircuts to people who were happy to receive those free cutting services, as you can tell from the smiles on their faces in the photo.

It hardly seems necessary that anyone needs to be victimized in this circumstance, to the tune of 90 days in jail or hundreds in a fine, or both.

"Just Follow Orders"

Unfortunately, many of those same folks who are out there protesting the injustice of it all will on the other hand be seen to often support a wide range of arguably unconstitutional measures that violate individual liberty. Of course in those circumstances there is always a "valid reason" and such violations are always "justified".

It is common to go about cherry-picking which edicts are just and which are unjust, which should be followed and which shouldn't.

Never mind the root foundation of coercion which it all stems from.

The protest in Michigan was referred to as 'Operation Haircut' and these aren't the only barbers and stylists that have been ticketed in recent months because of their actions to serve the community in the face of threats to stay closed.

Around the country there have been protests with underground clubs popping up, people violating stay at home orders and launching their businesses anyways, or those who have sought to get creative and do business in a new way so that they can continue but still adhere to the random emergency edicts that get tossed out to us from our overlords. I'd say that freedom is always the best course of action but that will always be a staggeringly unpopular opinion.


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Something about mass civil disobedience just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. lol.

Hey man, I know it's getting old, but have you heard about the latest Steem drama? If you got anything Funds over there, I'd get out while I could. Justin is freezing accounts and taking people's Steem.