Neither Party Is The Party of Liberty

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A political party that seeks to rule via force is not a party that represents liberty in any way.

Can't help but get a good laugh whenever I hear any cockroach from either political party claim that their team "represents liberty". They don't. But I guess the liberty bit is a priceless and empty slogan that might be easily spewed and gobbled up by folks who don't pay too much attention to the meaning of words.

Maybe for those who do believe it, they just have a very low standard for what they regard as individual liberty. Because when you look out at the atmosphere in the United States today and see how the individual is violated in thousands of ways by the government on a daily basis then you see quickly and clearly that if either party were truly representing liberty then they are currently doing a piss poor job of accomplishing the task.

Massive Failure

If you claim to support and protect liberty then that means not supporting or engaging in perpetual wars, market manipulation and crony capitalism, corporate bailouts, the violation of constitutional rights with corrupt policies like civil asset forfeiture or no-knock raids.

You wouldn't support and submit to people fondling you at the airport as part of their security theater before you can get on a plane to travel for vacation or work. You wouldn't support policies that violate natural rights because you are scared of people who talk, look, or act different from you.

Supporting liberty means understanding that other people have a right to walk, talk, and look different from you, and they don't need to submit to your violence and live a life according to what choices you alone might find acceptable.

Both parties violate individual liberty, both parties are a threat to the smallest minority which is the individual, and both parties work together to continue to grow the cancer that is the state as we know it today. You could quite literally write a book on either of them and the great injustices that they've both contributed to, engaged in, and exerted against innocent people for decades. Pretending that one is any less of a threat than the other is child's play and diminishes the great threat that both pose directly to all individuals; living under a government that rules via force.

Political puppets of all colors keep wrangling up the people to go and vote to change the variation of collectivism, but nothing really changes because statism always wins.




I will have to argue this one... because, most recently, the "democrat" party has gone off the rails.
When Billy boy sold the democrat party to big business, there was no longer a party of the people.

And when they lost control of the party to further and further extreme leftism
All we see is the democrats kissing up to the big corps, but mouthing platitudes to the "virtuous" signallers.

So, the democrat party is far worse than the republican party... at this moment.

But, over the last presidents since Regan, both parties have been selling out america to the corps in lockstep.

I guess you might say that the democrat party is the first lemmings... and soon the republicans will follow.

However, you are very correct that govern-cement has been for govern-cement, and more govern-cement power, and freedom has only been given lipservice... because that is the system, the structure. "More force will solve everything."