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RE: Neither Party Is The Party of Liberty

in #politicslast year

I will have to argue this one... because, most recently, the "democrat" party has gone off the rails.
When Billy boy sold the democrat party to big business, there was no longer a party of the people.

And when they lost control of the party to further and further extreme leftism
All we see is the democrats kissing up to the big corps, but mouthing platitudes to the "virtuous" signallers.

So, the democrat party is far worse than the republican party... at this moment.

But, over the last presidents since Regan, both parties have been selling out america to the corps in lockstep.

I guess you might say that the democrat party is the first lemmings... and soon the republicans will follow.

However, you are very correct that govern-cement has been for govern-cement, and more govern-cement power, and freedom has only been given lipservice... because that is the system, the structure. "More force will solve everything."