Oh No! Is this us? (Steemit - Tron)

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I don't know, but it sounded to me like he was including Ned.

What do you think?

Should we meekly go along with a fait accompli and lose our free speech (remember how proud Steemians were of having it?)

((Fait accompli definition: a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible))

Are we, the steemian members, accomplices of the Chinese now?

In the end, even if told it is not true - it is true that it remains Your Choice!

My belief in Free Speech is my Shield

Posted: 19th February, 2020

Since I just called out @berniesanders for being a shit (because he flagged a story of mine, not a political post), I guess he'll hit back - if not him directly, his friends. So, consider this part of an experiment and check who flags, so that you also know who is a Chinese censor in Steemit - Palnet etc.


Australia has sold out to China year's ago 😡

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Look to the prime minister who signed the vaccination laws; another identifier is that he has (a) daughter, for he refused to sign until he was given an exemption from any enforced vaccinations for her.

By then you were all already sold, but luckily it seems more and more of you are becoming aware (I keep saying it is thanks to Trump, to a great degree, whether we agree with all he does or not, we do owe him that). Let us hope it is not too late.

Actually, what you said has an amusing side to it. Sold to the Chinese... but the moslems took advantage and they are growing (as a population) faster than the Chinese.

It seems the flaggers are taking their time. Maybe they are waiting for when nobody looks here again and then they can pound rock.