Maybe I'll Vote Democrat Again (plus a bonus vid) - Good for a big laugh or ten more...

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* * * I bet lots of people are downloading these two songs - I have.

Maybe I'll Vote Democrat Again

Video of country musician Bryan Lewis performing a new song titled “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again” at a Missoula County Republican Central Committee is sparking controversy throughout the country.

(read more at source:

(if you have a problem hearing the words, this vid has a CC button for subs.)

BONUS laugh

My Dog is a Democrat

Remember, laughing is good for your health

My belief in Free Speech is my Shield

Posted:11 February, 2020

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government is slavery

Great choice:

with government, we are theoretically slaves

without government, we are in fact slaves and can be tortured and killed without reason.

I suggest you try travelling to those countries where they have real slavery (about 20 million Africans and others are slaves at this moment under islamic masters). Go there and you will be enslaved, if male you will have your testicles removed (as happens to most of those 20 million). I live in Africa so I am closer to the basic truths of life, where each of us lose loved ones BECAUSE we lack effective government - so, I am not pontificating drivel so as to appear to be liberal.

You have it easy and you are so protected that you can make statements like this one without consequences. Try doing so in Iran or some other countries. about you showing me ONE country that survives without a government, an army, police and cockroaches.

The ideal worlds of people who talk so boldly about libertarianism or anarchy are like Utopia, only possible in make-believe worlds for those who found it impossible to grow up and become adults in their emotions and logic.

I did not come to you to make this comment or to provole you - you came to a post of mine and decided to comment with your juvenile blather, so I have the right to point out some truths you need to that you do not

  • do something stupid like that young couple who insisted the world is a place of love where everybody wants to be good; they got on their bicycles and went to arab countries and were killed.

  • waste my time with your kiddy talk nd theories.

Life is hard and anarchy is not the solution - that is why no anarchy State has ever existed or survived, but if you do not want to face the facts, then go somewhere else and leave me alone, I have no time for this kind of nonsense.

I see you call yourself an artist - which means you have to be a dreamer, but there is a difference between being a dreamer who hopes to make life a bit more beautiful for all and an impractical dreamer who hides from facts and only leads others to their destruction.

We who have govern- mind are all slaves. Under the mind control of the false authority-In a few more generations the USA will be the same- it’s a globalist take over.

We have this same happening here now on a small scale with police brutality and government eminent domain stealing property with devastation such as Santa Rosa fires and paradise California

Lol :-)

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