History in Precious Memes & Messages - #19b

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More memes (#2) that shine the light on traitors - especially those who wish to depopulate our planet by harming, raping and killing babies, children, men and women

How did the obamas.jpg


How do people not care.jpg

how hitler did it.jpg

how many you killed.jpg

how they see themselves.jpg

how they work.png

how to f with a vegan.jpg

how to tell.jpg

how to treat.jpg

how you see it.jpg

hunting permit.jpg

hurry the f up.jpg

hurry, we must change his diaper.png




I can't wait.png

I coughed.png

I don't want to get raped.jpg

I never cared.jpg

I ruined europa.jpg

I run blm.jpg

I silence you.jpg

This next one is the worst of the lot - what a nightmare for ANYONE who loves children or has empathy

50,000 children under cities.jpg

  • posted: 15th September, 2020