History in Precious Memes & Messages - #19a

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More memes (#1) that shine the light on traitors - especially those who wish to depopulate our planet by raping, harming and killing babies, children, men and women

Openly demanding rights on your child!

and the whites are to blame.jpg

bat - I knew you had.jpg

BGates, find a mask.png

BGates, so what!.jpg

Bidens not 4 sale.jpg

Bill-at home and at funeral.jpg

A Few of the Victims of the BLM Peaceful Protests!

Both Faces of the Law

but then I was like - .jpg


chart of vaccines and autoimmune diseases.png

coward dem.jpg

epi-pen-BigPharma the disease.png

Get to know your neighbourhood - it is Fascinating! )

Fauci by Dr Shiva.jpg

Fauci dau wrks for twit.png

FB a good example.jpg

guilty of treason.jpg

he exposed it.png

he just wanted to go.jpg

bee to a fly.jpg

  • posted: 14th September, 2020