History in Precious Memes & Messages - #18b

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More memes (#2) that shine the light on the traitors of our countries - especially those who wish to depopulate our planet by harming and killing babies, children, men and women

Far Left Hypocrites

Remember...he has shares in the vaccination corp, of about $500 million - but people still listen to his stupid opinion

I do not know why, but I find this inspiring!

He is still holding his gun - not a victim

Hell yeah.png

Herd thinning.jpg

Here at CNN.jpg

Americans; Europeans; Australians - We are here to replace you

hollywoody joke.jpg

homeless superpowers.png

Did any of the above make you stop and think about something you had grown to accept as being how it should be? If yes, then this post is a job 'well done' and I am pleased - if not, I'll keep trying :)

  • posted: 11th September, 2020