History in Precious Memes & Messages - #17c

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Fighting for a Future Worth Living
with Satire and Memes
instead of with riots and murder

glass is.png

Fauci.jpg(his shares are worth about $500 million)

fauci, chloroquine - he knows.jpg

Fear campaign-wake up.jpg

Fear is control.png

feel stupid.jpg

first make sure.jpg

fools divide themselves.png

for your protection, not mine.jpg

fought for the flag.png

friendly fire.png

Anybody remember this detective series?


Germany is now...lol.png

give me one reason.jpg

glob corps.png

go ahead, smoke.png

good boy.jpg

good shot.jpg


greed, guns, prisons.png

gun owners watch.jpg

guns-Dems said 'no'.jpg


has awoken the smaj.jpg

  • posted: 26th August, 2020