History in Precious Memes & Messages - #17a

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Fighting Globalist Marxism and Depopulation with Memes
instead of with riots and murder

1st victim of war.png

#1 Jew killer - Soros.jpg

2nd amendement-Biden.png

3 racism victims.jpg

30pc of all.png

40pc of all deaths.jpg

One or two of them could be ascribed to coincidence - but ALL of them?

a history buff.jpg


2020 USA.jpg

a virgin till I die - lol.jpg

academiaof 2020s.jpg

afraid of gettng sick.jpg

Although vaccines do not confer immunity or offer any real health benefit, they do have the power to maim, destroy and kill our children

ancient greeks-dishwasher.jpg

anus princess.jpg

anybody heard from the compassionate.jpg

anyone noticed.jpg

AOC - whichever way around.jpg


Be warned, Trump can.jpg

because you have the police.png

beware the owner.png

Best foto of century.jpg

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  • posted: 26th August, 2020


Μα πόσο αληθινά είναι όλα!!!!

Great meme's 👍

Do you know what they call the Wojak girl on the left of the myfreecams meme? Adding her to my Wojak collection., 👍

(are you going to be thinking of her with the eggs up...?) lol

I know nothing abt the Wojak girls, but glad if it helped add to your collection.