Evangelicals Lose Their Mind Because God Told Them Trump Would Win And He Lost!

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After Trump loses the election, evangelicals go nuts! Pastors and prophets incorrectly prophesied Trump would win the election and get a second term. When the Trump prophecies failed, the evangelicals (some of whom sit on Trump's evangelical advisory committee, like Paula White and Kenneth Copeland) had an absolute ballistic meltdown going into denial. When prophecy fails, evangelicals go ballistic!

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My thoughts on this news

This is a fun video by Holy Koolaid on youtube about evangelical televangelists who all predicted with 100% certainty that Donald Trump would win the election, because God spoke to them directly and told them that Donald Trump is the chosen one, so he will definitely defeat Joe Biden...

Well it should be clear to everyone now, that it appears as if God was either trolling the shit out of these religious freaks or they are just full of shit scammers who lie to their followers and squeeze every penny out of them they can, so they can buy another private jet.

It is so sweet to see their tears and how wrong they were, which proves that the almighty God is not actually on their side...

The first thing Biden and the US Government should do is remove all tax exemptions from religious institutions in the USA, these televangelists should not be scamming people out of their money and living tax free in this country.

Here is another fun video, one of the biggest scammers of them all, Copeland talking about how he needs donations for a private jet, he claims he cannot fly on commercial airlines because they are full of demons.

These people are despicable, if God was real they would all be burning in hell right now...


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