Green Poem: Green Action: I can, You can, We can color the world green!

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I planted trees, You planted trees; it gave us a green community
I cleaned my street, You cleaned your street; it gave us a clean community
I gave them green education, You gave them green education; it gave us an environmentally conscious community
I stopped using single-use plastics, You stopped using single-use plastics; it halved plastic pollution in our community
I practiced the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), You practiced the 3Rs; it solved our communities waste management problems

There are a lot of things that if I do and You do, it will accelerate sustainable development in our communities and bring about the change that we see.
Remember that “Change begins with You”. If you don’t take action, who else do you want to take action?

I can, You can, We can Change the world

You can take some time and listen to this Green Music to get inspired and make a change:

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