Gone With The Wind #Prose

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Gone with wind she is
Gone just like that
Her frozen skin took away my warmth
My heart felt unclothed
For the first time I felt blind
Like how am I expected
To wade through this darkness
Her light was where I basked
A path out of my clumsiness
And now she is gone
Gone just like the wind.

I thought I heard her voice
Rewinding itself to explain why
She dared give up on taking in breaths
Disregarding how my selfish
Ate into her selfless
I feel just as cold as she must be
But the attachment refuses to be
Busy setting my calm on fire
Yet I refuse to grieve
Until I am able to digest this disbelieve.

I wish time would take me back
To the moments when
Her smile wasn't a memory stuck
In every corner of my darkened mind
The moments when
I could ask these annoying questions
That only she holds the answers to
My black glowing sun
Should keep speaking to me
From beyond these confining graves
To help my soul cruise through the brave.



Thinking about my favourite girl... Novembers can such a pain. I miss her. And everyday lessons are making it impossible not to think how right she was. How long she had lived even though she died pretty young. How 53 would be looking on her. What would her relationship with her now seven grandchildren would be looking like. Life can really wash away the possibilities along the way but even in doing so, we still got to be grateful of whatever outcomes. I have learning to embrace her not being here.

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Yay! Thank you. I appreciate the kind words as much as I appreciate the deranged coin ♡

This is beautifully heart-aching. Nice!

Thank you :)

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