let go of our suffering

in #poetry2 months ago


why my country is always shaken, full of pain
all disasters so difficult to rise again
from floods to volcanic eruptions
victims suffering that always happens

escape from the anger of nature came a pandemic
just released from the disaster mastermind sick
all want to scream
take off all the suffering frames

from land fires to successive storms
dry tears because like a body pierced by a thorn
is this a trial that must be experienced
is this also a form of punishment

God, give us patience to face
give us all you grace
give the ability to overcome all problems
so that we can always remain calm

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


Aamiin, Ya Robbal 'alamin

Rasane jan anteb pisan ya...
lepas dari bencana siji ana pageblug. sing pada duw duwit bae susah apa maning sing pada ora duwe.
Moga-moga aja pada nganti putus asa maring rahmate Gusti Allah..
Pada sehat kan?

Alhamdulillah sehat waras, mugi-mugi Pak @rokhani nggih sami sehat sedoyo 😁