Fear of loneliness but more of a misstep

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Fear of loneliness but more of a misstep

There's something I want to shout,
something very hidden with fear,
it escapes from me on its own,
free wants to be just like me from you.

I panic at loneliness,
but much more to make false steps,
and now that part of my life is being bought,
I don't know which way to look or run.

I was passionate about being by your side,
but it was more tears than smiles,
fights than some caresses,
carnal pleasure that corresponded love.

I hide in what I miss,
and now it seems to leave me alone,
I don't know where to go or who to turn to,
my words have no place of rest anymore.

But an inner voice resounds in me,
I don't know what it is, but it makes me want to keep going,
looks like sunlight with its warmth,
a tender moon that watches over my rest.

I had no reason to stay there,
I was protecting you instead of protecting me,
I was nursing your disease when you were my toxin,
I loved you when you were most out of reach.

I thought between words you'd understand,
but you kept ignoring my stay,
nothing mattered anymore like you always said,
so I'd free you with the memories.

Maybe I can feel colder,
on those nights that only your body
was next to me,
because I didn't own your thoughts.

Much less your path.

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