A bitter taste of never ending

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A bitter taste of never ending

I taste the first sip of bitterness
it warms my throat and my thinking,
is drowning inside my being,
as the memory of your love.

I feel the first blow of life,
trying not to conform to the pain,
avoiding becoming a rock,
so you don't get disappointed.

Put another bitter pill in my mouth,
remembering what reasons I have,
to push you away and maybe hate you,
but the sweet stuff ties me up and won't leave me.

Halfway through this bottle,
as well as the memories that drown with it,
it gives me simple pain to hear from your lips to pronounce,
that the past marks you and that nothing matters to you anymore.

You shout your lack of love at me from the four winds,
you mock my feelings with the whisper in my ear,
you hit me with your hurtful words,
weakening my judgment like this wine does.

When I fall asleep I remember nothing,
as if the wounds never existed,
your words are gone with the wind,
and there's not even any relief in time.

There never seems to be an end to it,
if it's over, it starts again,
if it runs out, it'll come out again,
this bitter wine full of memories.

It's become a vice,
waiting for you and wanting to change you,
to taste you but reject you at the same time,
wanting you to be the last sip.


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¿Haber haber? Has un escrito sobre el agua chale haha. Pareciera que puedes sacarle un gran escrito a cualquier cosa aun que sea algo muy pequeño. Me has sorprendido con este escrito. 10/10. <3

Jajaja sobre el agua? Nop, es un contraste de un hombre tomando licor mientras se sumerge en el recuerdo. Y una vida miserable de alguien que ama y odia a la vez.

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¿Sabes que me gusta ser dramático verdad? uwu