Summer Zephyr - A Month of Daily Haiku (Day 22)

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jason-long-FOeDIUwYiSw-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Jason Long on Unsplash

Sun-kissed buds burst,
seeds glide on summer zephyr
as dandelions sway.

© Rowan Joyce all rights reserved

Today marks the start of the final week in my month long challenge to write a haiku on hive every day. So far the themes have covered everything from ancient wisdom in week one, inspiration in week two and the wonder of travel in week three, but for this final week I would like to bring it full circle back to traditional haiku.

The definition of Haiku is: an objective, Japanese short poem based on a nature theme. Haiku should have three lines consisting of the following number of syllables per line-- five, then seven, then five.

True haiku should contain one or two images that have a simplicity and clarity that cause a transcendent state. Haiku have been called the artistic equivalent of the practice of Zen Buddhism. By reflecting a simple moment of perfection, one finds the universal moment.

The haiku in this post attempts to capture what Japanese Haiku masters call Kigo (季語):

an explicit or implicit reference to a season, that defines the time of the year in which the haiku is composed.

Along with Yūgen (幽玄):

a sense of wonder and mystery representing the state of mind produced by the inexplicable fascination of things, the feeling of an 'other' universe, full of mysterious unity.

I have decided to challenge myself for a month to post a daily Haiku on Hive. Each week will have a different theme based on a picture prompt.

This week's broad theme is Reflection on Nature.

To read more about the aesthetics of true haiku, and the difference between haiku and senryu, please check out my post: Haiku Vs Senryu - The Aesthetics of Form

All images in this post are my own property. If you have enjoyed this Haiku, please check out my homepage @raj808 for similar content. Thank you.


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Another month long challenge, nice one mate! I'm not too au fait with haiku but having read this and learned a bit more about it then it sounds actually quite challenging to do one and hit the mark like you did here!

Definitely felt like I was back in the fields I was just in an hour or so ago for a spring walk. Nice one!

Hi m8. Glad the haiku could transport you back to the summer fields. I've not managed to get out to the countryside yet this year, and it is calling to me big time.

it sounds actually quite challenging to do one and hit the mark

Yeah, haiku are easy to do badly and v hard to do well. Many people think it is all about the syllable count, but it doesn't matter half as much to make it 5/7/5 as it does to describe a single perfect moment. That is the art of haiku, also word choice is really important with so few words to work with 😂

Definitely try to get out there if you can!

Thanks for the education on haiku, I'm sure I'd find it very easy to do one badly 😂

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