Somnambulist Penning, a Spoken Word

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Somnambulist Penning, Spoken Word

Some of you may remember this poem from way back in the 100 Days of Poetry Days. Geez ... I cannot remember which day it was. They were good days for the page though, weren't they? I finally got around to compiling all those poems, giving them a good edit and combining them with a few older works. The result was my new poetry and short story compilation Monsters, Avatars, and Angels.


A paperback and/or digital version of Monster, Avatars, and Angels is available here

In the meantime, enjoy Somnambulist Penning, A Spoken Word.

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All photos are my own.

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Love your reading. As I said on my review in that other platform:

I love your allegory of writing inspiration in this. Great turns of phrase and imagery. These phrases especially stood out for me: "vapour trail verses" and "fluttering muses" and "translate the wind."

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Thanks so much, Denise:) You are a star:)

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I can see why you have been busy! Wow!

Thank you, Melinda:)

Hi :)

Hi, Ross:)


That's why I don't see you a lot here 👍👍

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Thank you, Lee:) I am back now:)

Good for you, Pryde, to give your work, here, new life this way. Congratulations, on publication! Nice to hear your voice :)

Thank you, Yahia:)


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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