Glamour on the Edge of the Gutter, Brevity Poetry and Wednesday Walk with @tatoodjay

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Glamour on the Edge of the Gutter

red fire hydrant
dandelions cluster, glamour
on the edge of the gutter

IMG_8208 (1).jpg


Vancouver is known for its grand beauty, whether it be the mountains, ocean, or tall buildings, but sometimes it is the smaller, often-missed sights that have the charm. Artists are everywhere here and they share their creativity abundantly. A granite boulder becomes a canvas and a pink flamingo an art critic.



One of the instructions given for #wednesdaywalk is to look up.

Well, this grand little fellow in a very big chair is the one I look up to the most. He was feeling very important on his throne.

Don't worry, mom, he told me. I will grow into it.

And voila, he did.

It was Canada and lawn chairs of all sizes were the height of celebration. What did we do to mark the nation's birthday? Sit around in a comfy chair.


Like any celebration, every day and every walk must come to an end. One more look down for a little more glamour on the edge the gutter.

fallen flower
decaying on the pavement
a fading pink glow

IMG_8197 (1).jpg

A thank you​ to @tatoodjay for hosting #wednesdaywalk.

All photos are my own.


What a cool post such variety and fun to read

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you, JJ:)

Most welcome 👍😎👍

Are those on the granite fixed? The flamingo might eat them instead lol!

That yellow chair reminded me of tattodjay's post when he and his little friend went for a walk.

Thank you, lee. Yes I think they glued everything down:)

Beautiful post adorned with your great love: your son. The haiku shows an intimate relationship between life, glamor and death. A gentle incursion into the realm of the beyond, while showing great delicacy and beauty.
A hug, Pryde!

Thanks so much, Zeleira. I appreciate your kind words:)

Beautiful photos... Love those chair shots! 😃

Thanks so much, Melinda:)


Wow before too long he can run the camera or start to blog. Time is flying, well except for me, I got off that train!

He does have a blog here but time restraints mean we don't use it too much.

Oh! Very cool. I will check it out!

Well he does seem to have a bit of your sense of humor! Too cool!!!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Missing your posts :)