I want to be that girl


image credit: pixabay
I want to be the girl who always gets its way
a fool in heart, but no fool in anyway

not the shy type, nor a fighter, not even the crazy slut
not the smart type, nor the intellectual, not even the girl with the big butt

but the girl who knows a secret passageway to beautiful disaster
does not love but is loved by others foe she is the master

is she a criminal mastermind or a crazy outcast?
a manipulative backstabber or a queen of hearts?

this girl who has a key to a secret world of magic and insanity
has a magic wand and makes a wish to turn it all into reality

mixes illusions with a selfish intoxicating passion
takes selflessness from others and builds compassion

one look and she knows how to beat all your strategies forever
one glance and she knows how to turn the odds in her favor

she has a grace that has no limits
she has a sense of honor that has no price


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