Tales By The Uhi River. (An Original African Poetry).

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Image Source; by Loriana Aviles on Art, Good night Moon art, Night skies

throw you ears to the floor;
for the lips has rested
and set to dazzle you
listen not to the gurgles
or the distant steady lapping
from the gushing,
for rabbi is set on a journey
to thrill your ear drums
till moonlight
will gather it's children
out in the moaning nights

Children, little children!
sit still in solemn silence
and let only the leaves rustling
be heard as a crickets chirping
for we go into strange lands
of the damned and the ghouls
the crocodile and the adder
lay down your attention
like mangoes
Under the obeche trees
for tales shall die
one after the other like biseiged soldiers

The day shall grow old,
from a maiden into a haggard
and the eyes shall lose sleep,
for we sojourn deep
into realms of when the elephant
was king in the land of men
and demons
knocked on doors at midnight!
let us listen
till the owl begins to hoot
and mother's yelling draws night

By the Uhi River,
we shall dance the dance of kabuvu
like a cock doing a semi circular spin
after sumptuous mating
our once sturdy face
is now watered to be planted
for we have eaten
wisdom uncooked
and now we go home
whistling to the forest songs


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