Bathtub Thoughts. (An Original Poetry)

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Soap suds like soursops
fumes furiously flying,
like the kidney's funeral.
thoughts overboard
from pillars to posts
while gushes of water trickling!
marrying the tears,
to become siblings in agony
for we're failure of today
come home to weep,
weep aimlessly in bathtubs

Bottles of different shapes,
half empty, upturned
on the glowing floor,
where fragrance of frustration,
oozes out of smelly mouths.
we're done for,
colors and odours
hitting up the sixth senses
till we fade into facade
where our problem
are chameleoned away.

We will wait out the storm,
like a vulture waiting on a carcass,
hoping on the sunset,
to give us glad tidings
for we know not,
if the morrow will come
Our heads, threading spiritual places,
leaving the body behind
to stutter in silence

We're home,
legs up against the wall
like hungry geckos
silence in mellow,
the soul aghast in flames
caught up in today's worries
of how yesterday was barren,
with no rainbows up above
at the end we will thread lonely paths
caught up in web
of sooth and dust,
on a journey of no return

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